46 squares and my Linen Trunk Sale!

While visiting in OK, I finally had a chance to begin my 46 squares project!

sewing a button

purple daisy

my initial/monogram




doll dress (with antique tatting)

black-eyed susan

It's even more fun that I thought it would be...I can't wait to continue!  I made list of about 28 motifs, so far.  That will keep me going for a while!

In other news, I'm adding lots of new listings for vintage linens in my Etsy shop for what I'm calling my Linen Trunk Sale!  I've also marked down all the linens that are currently in the store.  Go see!


Susan Elliott said…
Hi laurie! Thanks for stopping by my blog and making a connection. It's nice to "meet" you...I enjoyed getting to know a little about you and your life...your inchies are really delightful!!

And I'm glad we share a Marie Antoinette movie love....Susan
Jingle said…
this looks like such a fun project! I love where you are going with it! Do you plan to frame it or add it to a quilt type piece? I can't wait to see the finished piece!!!
Anonymous said…
That is coming along nicely. What a very neat idea. I also was wondering what you will be making it into when it is all done:) Great start!!!

Ann Flowers
Bunty said…
Hope you had a good break Laurie - it looks like you were busy! You have done so many squares already - they are cute!

Barbara :)
Unknown said…
oh, I just love this!!!! I love the treasures that Linda Sue sent you too.....how amazing and generous of her......

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