Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pride and Prejudice and the PoPo Platter

Against my better judgment, at a book fair earlier in the school year at my son's middle school, I purchased Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  I know, I know -- as a die hard Austen fan I should have resisted.  I've been trying to read it for weeks now, but it is slow going. 

What I've determined is that it is so not worth reading -- all of the really great parts are the parts Austen wrote that I've always known and loved.  The zombie scenes and zombie-fighting talk are just dumb.  There was only one point in the book where I laughed out loud at some of the additions to the original Austen and thought to myself, "How clever!"  That was it.  Don't bother.
Jane Austen: Accept no substitutes!

So, my husband was off work today and we went to lunch at our neighborhood Chinese restaurant.  He had a wild hair and ordered the PoPo platter, for lunch.

Why am I telling you what my husband had for lunch today, you may wonder?  Well, it's because of what happened after, when the bill and the fortune cookies came. 

My husband's fortune said, "Don't behave with cold manners."  And he shoved it across the table at me and said, "Look: advice for Mr. Darcy."

I was so surprised -- dazzled, even!  My husband, who never cares to read, was talking about one of my favorite books!  He was speaking Austen-esque to me!

I quickly surmised what had occurred.  You see, as a gag gift I had recently given him the Cliffs Notes to Pride and Prejudice.

"Have you been reading your Cliffs Notes?" I asked.

He snorted and said, "No!  Laurie, I've seen the movie at least 50 times!"

I had never thought of that.  Well, of course he has!  We've been married almost 19 years...
That just really made me laugh.

In other news:  Etsy sellers: have you seen the improvements over at Craftopolis?  I hadn't been there in a while but have noticed I'm popping up in a couple of Treasuries now and then so I took a peek and it's looking better than ever!  There's a way to see who has "heart"ed you, by day, and also a tool to help you catch the Treasuries when they expire.


sassypackrat said...

It's truly special to have someone in you life who knows and gets you!

Pretty Things said...

I'm one of those who just canNOT get into Pride and Prejudice, but maybe it was just the mood I was in, so I'll give it another try. I can't even imagine what the zombie twist would be like. Should I see the movie before the book? (The original. Not the zombie version.)

FrumsGlass said...

Love it. It may as well been my hubby and I. We are like you, almost years married, and I am also dazzled when my hubby will toss a little Austen at me.

Joy said...

I think that husband of yours scored big-time with the Darcy reference. ;o)