Project Runway Redux! (SPOILER ALERT)

How many of you are Project Runway fans like me?  I LURVE that show -- sincerely, it's the only series I will make a point to watch on television.  This last season started out a bit dull (and Heidi was pregnant yet again!) but ended with a bang.  And the one I wanted to win most of all, DID!

 Seth Aaron!  Woo hoo!

one of his designs

Last week I was rolling on the floor laughing at Sandy from Quill Cottage's blog post about her studio.  If you're a Project Runway fan, you'll like it, too!


pinkglitterfae said…
ooh, I know I shouldn't have read this, lol! I love Project Runway, but in Canada we are 2 weeks behind...last episode was the one where they picked the 3 designers going.
So now I know who wins, and it takes the suspense out of it. Oh well, I like Seth Aaron and am happy he won :-)
Linda Sue said…
LOVE project runway! Glad Seth Arron won, too. though I loved just about everyone- so gifted, all. Thanks for the link and especially thanks for the box that arrived while I was gone- SNOMAN! I so love him! He will not be put with winter things- he will be living on the piano all year long looking out at all the seasons and bing very glad! LOVE YOU, sweet thing!LOVE!
AND bythe way- a handful of prozac in your next batch of cookies couldn't hurt...just saying.
Sherrie said…
The bread is really good. I hope you enjoy it. I will be posting recipes for everything else I will be serving as well.
Laurie, I don't know much about project Runway, but I sure like your blog and I am wondering if you would like to do a little vintage swap with me. I can't believe I have not had any response for this cute little vintage swap. Check it out on a couple of posts down. I am just trying to find someone who will send me some little vintage goodies. I was going to put it into a little basket, but found this cute old ceramic cottage.
I was a Seth Aron fan too, but wasn't as thrilled with this season of the show. Usually, I am hooked, this time, I could take it or leave it. Of course, I took it, I didn't miss an episode, I'm too much of a tv junkie.

Ok, off to see what Sandy said!
Unknown said…
i am a huge fan too....I love seth and his style...I was rooting for him...I so did not want emilio to win!

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