Home again, not a winner, and questions

Happy belated Easter!  Take a look at a few of the gorgeous cookies my dear friend Jenni had waiting for us when we arrived at her house on Thursday:

She's so talented!  Now we're home from our visit to Oklahoma City, Ben's back at school, and I'm feeling untethered.  Thankfully, I have much to do and so I'll try not to float from task to task, finishing none...but I don't have a lot of hope I'll succeed.  I just know it's going to be one of Those Days.

Among the mail waiting for me when I got home yesterday was a package I recognized: the return envelope for that writing contest I had entered.  I knew they wouldn't be notifying me by mail if I was a winner, so it must be the promised return of my submission with comments.  The first words I saw were scribbled at the top of the letter: "Good work -- you were 1 of 9 finalists."  So I will have to be satisfied with that -- and I am, truly.  There were some great suggestions on how my piece could be improved, and plenty of compliments about it to soothe my non-winning heartache.  I will press on!

I have two questions on my mind this morning and would love to know your thoughts:

1) I got an email from someone via Etsy, asking to buy this from my shop for a total of $8 with shipping.

The thing is, the price listed is $6 and shipping is $3, for a total of $9.  So my question is, has anyone ever asked you to cut your price by $1, and if so, did you do it or were you just indignant (as I am feeling)?

2) Should I splurge on going to Silver Bella?  Registration opens tomorrow.  I know I would get so much enjoyment out of it, but it's expensive for someone like little old me, who has no budget for craft classes.  The registration doesn't include the hotel costs, and I'm a bit nervous about traveling there (Nebraska) by car in the winter weather (it's in mid November, and I'm in Colorado.)  Thoughts?


Linda Sue said…
Laurie, The Etsy thing just burns me- The answer to buyer would be No thank you, I will take $12.00 , however and then go jack up the price...Etsy is crazy, I am finding, have eaten all of the shipping costs so far, costing me to get rid of things for two or three dollars, I end up shipping them for $9.00 My fault because i hadn't realized that shipping is insane! I think that people look onEtsy by cheap to more expensive- the cheapies are ridiculous- probably dealers. so NO, should be your answer. There are not a million little boxes like that out there, just one. Quickly -go jack your price!
Sandra said…
Laurie, I am with Linda, I would not come down, that is just an insult. Btw...I am so sorry to hear that you did not win, but think of all the people that entered and you were 1 of 9 finalist !! That is fantastic! You should be very proud of your self, next time, maybe you will be #1. Never give up, Believe in yourself and remember to always follow your dreams! Your time will come.
Lydia said…
Ehhh! I have wanted to go to Silver Bella for 3 yrs. now, and when I opened up the email on the day of registration, I thought that maybe it was finally meant to be somehow- yet I never got word back on how to pay in 2 payments that night, and so I lost the opportunity to get the classes that I wanted, and of course, traveling from MD. to Nebraska, airfare, hotel, and event costs, food...well, it would not be worth it unless I could get my classes.

How 'bout planning on next year together? Maybe with some other bloggies... I wanted to do a table as well. Ah, well, for now, it is what it is. I thought that it would be a year since my hubby's fall, that maybe it was something for me to do to get out. Wah!!!

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