Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday madness

Yes -- I know it's Tuesday but I'm talking about yesterday, when I was madly typing away.  I was listing a bunch of the linens in my Spring Trunk Sale!  Here's a sample:

Prices are lowGo see!

This is just the beginning -- I have oodles more to list and am looking forward to sharing all the linen love with everyone!

And, hey, have you listed on Etsy lately?  I was pleasantly surprised that they've made a few changes to their listing tool.  Especially nice is the ability to browse for all your photos and then choose upload at once.  (That was a long time coming, huh?)


Jingle said...

Ooooh! These are wonderful!

MsAnomaly said...

Love the Vera apple tablecloth, and the crazy quilt pillow is fabulous! Vintage linens are SUPER! :)