Saturday, April 17, 2010

A rainy Saturday and a case of the blahs

I have the blahs today.

I think because it's gray, foggy, and rainy.

Not only that, but my son is camping nearby in the forest, where it's grayer, foggier, and raining more heavily.  I didn't sleep much last night, as I listened to the rain on the roof, and imagined my son shivering in his tent listening to the rain on the canvas.  I've resisted many urges today to drive over, pick him up, bring him home, cook him soup, and wrap him in a blanket!

On the bright side, I saw the first color in my garden so far: daffodils.  They're stunted and short, but shock yellow.  A little further away my purple hyacinths are peeking up.  It's very strange that they're blooming at once, but I'll take what I can get.  (I would have taken a picture for you, but it's so cold and wet and gray out...)

I have managed to do two squares on my embroidery project:

A silhouette

A little house and tree (spells contentment to me...)
I'm not sure whether or not I'm done with this square

I've also been working on a collage for my friend as a homage to her aunt.  She hasn't picked it up yet but I don't think she'll mind if I share a peek with you:

On Thursday night I went to a crop evening and did 11 pages.  My family album is coming along very nicely and it's heartening to be making progress.  I'm up to about 1973 now and, though I still need to finish my childhood and then scan my mother's childhood photos, I can see the end in sight!

Here's a picture of me from that era, when I was about 5:

I love my late '60's dress, and the saddle shoes!  That's my brother with me, in our backyard.  It's Easter morning and we're happy with our chocolate bunnies!  (Little did I know that a couple of years later I'd become allergic to chocolate, and only get white chocolate bunnies every Easter for years afterward. I can only eat white chocolate in small amounts to this day...)

Fact: we never got Easter baskets growing up.  In fact, I still to this day have never had an Easter basket!

At the crop evening, my friend Natalie let me try a new product by Tim Holz, called Distress Crackle Paint.  I used different colors to paint a few pieces of chipboard.  It dries quickly and then it crackles:

Nice, huh?

In other news, you may have noticed on my sidebar that I did go ahead and sign up for Silver Bella!  I'm so looking forward to the entire experience of it!

It's raining even harder now, and my husband won't let me go get my boy!  I think my blahs will turn into blues if it doesn't dry up!

Tell me how you're weekend's going -- it might help cheer me up!


Spotted Sparrow said...

Ben is probably having a grand adventure with his friends. Don't worry! He'll be just fine and come out stronger for it. :)

Angela said...

My son is out Scout camping this weekend too! It hasn't been raining, but has dipped quite cool at night!
Love the tribute to your friend's Aunt! Lovely!

Pretty Things said...

I have the blahs and it's not even raining. But I like your embroidery! said...

You signed up for Silver Bella!? Yea! See you there.

Lydia said...

Such a cute picture!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love those little embroidery squares....they are the cutest....I will probably tell you that everytime you post a picture of one......