Thursday, June 11, 2009

Secret Sewing and Thrift Store Things

I am dying to share my completed sewing projects with you, but I've been working on gifts an don't want to spoil the surprise. Instead, here are some more thrifty finds if you'll humor me:

That new thrift store I told you opened up in my town? They recently had a half price day, and I also discovered that if you look at the date on their tags and the item has been in the store 14, 21, or 30 days, depending on the color tag, it's 25% - 50% off anyway! It's a complicated rule, but worth learning, don't you think?

Does anyone know if this showboat is McCoy?

Here was a pile of fun stuff: two vintage tableclothes (look at that pomegrante on the one on the bottom!), a plastic powder box, and a set of never-used coasters that look like lily pads, in the original box!

I couldn't resist the ferns and the coral colored accents with the black on this '70's needlepoint!

Up the street at another thrift store haunt, I found a Peanuts milkglass cup for my son, who's a huge fan of Snoopy, and this cute little Pfaltzgraf planter:

And I had to rescue this appliqued tablecloth, even though it was pretty stained in places; the daffodil appears in all four corners:

And don't forget the grab bag to go through later; it's like a treasure hunt, every time!

Lastly, I rescued poor Heathcliff at the Antique Flea Market some weeks ago:

No one does angst like Heathcliff!

I've never read it, have you? I can't wait. I did see the movie for the first time, starring Sir Laurence, on a windswept day at the sea when visiting a friend at her Victorian farmhouse near Bar Harbor, Maine. I'll always think of her and that day when I think of Wuthering Heights.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I want to go shopping with you!!! Great thrifty finds (which you know I love)! Wuthering Heights is still one of my all-time favorite classic novels. I saw the movie first when I was a young girl and always remember the two walking away with only his footsteps in the snow. I've also seen a few updated versions of the story which were all wonderful. BUT...the book is beyond wonderful! Written so long ago and yet it holds you in its grip from start to finish. You're gonna' love it!

Joy said...

I love all your finds, Laurie!

Christine said...

My favorite is the Wuthering Heights book. It's beautiful.

A hint from my mother -- she soaks her old linens in spic n span with water and claims it gets everything out without hurting the item.


barb cabot said...

I love when you post what treasures you discover. You find the neatest things. I want to come along with you too!

Pretty Things said...

I haven't read Wuthering Heights yet but now think I need to! I'm reading a number of classics now that I feel able to really "get" them and enjoy them. Right now, it's "Oliver Twist".

Allidink said...

What great thrifty finds. I've been trying to find pretty vintage tablecloths like yours but no luck at my thrifty store. I have never read it either but I own it lol. I started it but it was dense and I was much younger and it was more difficult to hold my attention back then LOL.

All the best,

maryboys said...

oh what a memory you just jogged with this post! i now have the pat benatar song "wuthering heights" going around and around in my head:)

wonderful finds, laurie...

Dave King said...

This my first visit to your lovely blog, but I shall be back.

suzieQ said...

Oh my...first time visit to your blog and I have been reading some of your older posts. So identified with many of your sentiments; we should have enjoyed our beautiful figures more when we were young, instead of imagining flaws (I wish that I had that "big stomach" that I thought I had then, instead of the real one I have now, snicker. Also, I am addicted to old plates and need help, my house is starting to look like a thrift shop. However, the clincher was the book you found...I studied with Fritz Eichenberg in college. Lucky you, to find that copy, I am jealous. He was a wonderful, talented man and I feel so lucky to have known him.
Guess I couldn't just be a reader, had to comment and now join. See you soon!