Friday, June 26, 2009

Honeymoon in Hermann

While we're in Missouri we plan to visit the small wine town Hermann, which is west of St. Louis, where we honeymooned 18 years ago. We'd decided that after our wedding we would visit all of Dennis' family to celebrate with (and for me, meet) them. The only drawback to that plan was that I would, literally, be spending my honeymoon with my in-laws! So, after a few days with them, we took a trip alone to Hermann and stayed at a bed and breakfast. The scenery in the area is just beautiful!

The highlight of the visit was dinner at a restaurant named Vintage 1847, at Stone Hill Winery. Stone Hill was then and still is an award-winning winery. I know, I know, you're thinking, winery in Missouri? Well, the town of Hermann was settled by German settlers because it reminded them of the Rhine river valley in the old country, and some of them started raising grapes and continued the tradition they'd been born into.

At the time, Vintage 1847's claim to fame was that it was John Ratzenberger's favorite restaurant (they quoted him in their promotional materials!) We were Cheers fans so that was enough of a recommendation for us! We ate schnitzel with sour cream dill sauce paired with their Norton wine -- it was such a wonderful dinner that we went back the next evening! I bought their cookbook in the gift shop and have recreated that meal about once a year since, to rave reviews! We're very excited about getting back, and taking Ben.

Of course, the town also boasts antique and souvenir shops that I'll enjoy exploring again!


Allidink said...

How cute :) You were right I was thinking a winery where? LOL.

All the best,

Joanne Huffman said...

How delightful to return to fond memories. I hope you're not being overwhelmed by the Missouri heat (I'm currently in Cape Girardeau and not enjoying the 90s).