Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paper Flowers

A while back, Julia, aka The Spotted Sparrow, blogged about this paper flower tutorial from a blog called "It's In the Details." It shows how to make flowers from old sewing patterns!

I got excited right away -- I just loved the look, and the way the flowers are finished off with buttons! Unfortunately, I don't own a Sizziz -- that cool tool that perfectly cuts paper from a template. But I thought, how hard can it be to use scissors? First I made a stencil, then I traced it on, and then I cut. And cut. And cut.

Well, it was a little messy, but it did work with scissors!

At that point, it was actually very relaxing -- because, once you get all the flowers cut from both the tissue pattern and the instruction sheets, you get to separate the thin, wispy tissue flowers and alternate them in little piles with the thicker instruction paper!

It was fun choosing buttons for the middle of the flowers, and sewing through all the layers of paper. I decorated one with beads, but actually preferred the look of the buttons alone.

I actually liked my flowers better than the ones in the original tutorial -- they're imperfect and that's more my style!

What I liked most of all about this project was that I cut twice and got four flowers! It's one of those crafts that gives you a good return on your time investment.


Joy said...

Well heck how cute are these?! They would dress just about any project or present up beautifully!

Allidink said...

Wow great job! I really like them they are adorable :) the little buttons just make them.

All the best,

Lydia said...

These are adorable! Great decor for a party-Hmmm:)

babalisme said...

These are so simple yet effective! Thank you for sharing!

Spotted Sparrow said...

I love them! Imperfect is, well, perfect. :)

Pretty Things said...

That is really cool, and very clever!

Lisa Pace said...

Glad you liked the tutorial. Your flowers look great.

Summerland Cottage Studio said...

Too sweet !
Thank you for sharing the crafty fun !

Angela Catirina said...

Years ago I was very excited to have found, in an antique store, a book of instructions on making all sorts of tissue paper flowers. My mom giggled at my excitement. She and her aunts and grandmothers used to spend days together before Memorial Day, Mother's Day, and certain other holidays making them by the hundreds to decorate the graves of family members when she was a kid growing up in New Mexico. I guess the real ones were in short supply and expensive in the rural area that they lived in but really, there's just something uniquely artistic about paper flowers.