I found some of my earliest incarnations of tiny, hand sewn decorations from ca. 1993 and photographed them for you all in honor of Valentine's Day.

As you can see, I'm fond of non-traditional colors. This one is edged with an amazing French tassel trim in the palest of blue-greens. Above is the front; here is the back:

This next one is made from a blue and white damask and edged with blue quartz-like beads; this was my very first try at adding bead work to anything!

I decorated this pale blue satin heart with with peachy trim and gorgeous vintage wedding dress beading. In front are antique silk millinery roses. Like the blue and white one above, this was designed to hang from a doorknob or hook.


Sherri said…
OMGosh Laurie! They are GORGEOUS. I really like the long heart in the 2nd photo. That style of heart is my fav. Oh and my earrings in the picture I think came from Goody's or Cato's on sale/clearance. Ya know, it's so hard for me to pay FULL price.
Unknown said…
These are beautiful! I havent done much beading but I always admire it in other peoples art....I am so glad we found each other...I think OWOH was so much fun and it is so nice to find new friends...I am now a follower of your blog too! come visit anytime! Melinda
Judy Streger said…
Hi Laurie, Thanks for re-visiting my blog after the rush of OWOH. I think that the best part of the whole experience was getting to "meet" so many new, like-minded artists. I enjoyed looking through your blog and I love the hearts that you made way back in the last century. LOL

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