I've been going to town with putting together ephemera packs while I destash. I'm especially having fun with some male themed kits in anticipation of Father's Day.

Here's a more modern one that I call "Little Boy's Pocket" - when I put it together, I imagined it could be things you might find while in the laundry room emptying jeans! This is available from me on eBay.

Another couple remind me of my father and his time serving on a Liberty ship during World War II.

There is some pretty spectacular pieces of ephemera from that time period in both kits. You can find both of these, and many more, in my Etsy shop.


Connie said…
Hey girl - what a surprise to hear from a neighbor! Do you know ladyspice? She lives in south Colo Spngs! We hang out every once in a while. Like your blog. (-:
Linda Sue said…
What a cool bunch of stuff! How can you part with it? Must check out your etsy shoppe now...
Lydia said…
Hi- Thanks for stopping by my blog w/your nice comments. Your kits are great. . I also sell kits, and boy they are popular. A great way to cull the stash:)

That WWII generation really held to a higher standard. It's nice to have been raised w/some integrity/ethics.I'm sorry for your loss.


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