Crazy Quilting

For the last week or so I've been working on this crazy quilt pillow, and I finished it last night. What I love about this medium is that it's all handwork, so I can sit in my favorite chair and work on it while my son plays with his video games or watches sit coms in the evening. It's almost like being together -- and better than nothing!

This pillow is my first attempt at crazy quilting. I had never tried most of the stitches and was also experimenting with color combinations. I used many vintage fabrics and antique trims but also some that are newer.

I wish I'd used more solids and less patterns.

I also wish I'd taken the extra step of ironing in between each piece so they would lie flatter.

In short, I know this pillow isn't a work of perfection, but I like it anyway. Sort of the way I'm satisfied with the kind of family togetherness mentioned above. I guess I'm pretty easy to please in both respects these days!


Anonymous said…
i think it looks fabulous and i would feel proud if i had something so nice in my house :)
What a great pillow! I love some of those stitches.
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your lovely comments.
Sherri said…
I love the pillow! I wish I could sew. I have got to get my mother to teach me.
Lydia said…
Great color combinations ! I think it's great !
Lydia said…

BTW- So sorry, but your win from my blog is going out in tomorrow's mail. All wrapped /dolled up ! :) (daughter sick-threw me off my schedule).Lydia:)

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