My Honda Hello

I ordered some wonderful vinyl decals from Tasty Suite the other day: "Goodnight" for the space above my bedroom door, in midnight blue, and this awesome door knocker for, you guessed it, the front door. They arrived in a flash!

You should go see -- right now they're giving away a brick red "Hello" decal with every order, which is just gravy, and I had what I thought was a fun idea for where to put it:

For some time now, I've been wanting to stop advertising for Honda on the spare wheel cover on the back of my CRV. So, I peeled off all but the "H" (no easy task) and then applied all but the "H" from Tasty Suite's free decal.

If the decal holds up to the weather I'm going to get even more creative with that space in the near future!


Anji Gallanos said…
Love friend just bought a Honda..will have to try this for her..looks great!
Now that is smart!
barb cabot said…
Very cute...better than Honda!

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