Ads That Don't Make Sense

Yikes, I want to apologize in advance to anyone who was frightened this morning by the very scary mannequin in the 'beauty lace wig' ad on my sidebar. (Shudder.) Adsense by Google is usually pretty good about what they choose, and I've found their content to be typically appropriate for my blog. However, this morning when I saw that detached, long haired head with something filmy growing out of it, I had one of those gasp-out-loud moments! I'm hoping there aren't a lot of keyboards with spilled coffee on them out there!

The thing about Adsense is, I find myself wishing I could click and see some of their more intriguing ads. But as you know if you have ads on your blog, that's one of the things you agree not to do. (There is a way to view your own ads through your account on the site, but when I was reading how when I first signed up I remember thinking, "Wow, that's convoluted" -- as in, time-consuming.)

Despite a great increase in all you wonderful visitors to my blog lately, my clicks are disappointingly low. I'm interested to hear from others who have ads: how's it working out for you?


Spotted Sparrow said…
I use Project Wonderful instead of Google. I earn more money with them and find them more effective for my own advertising. I'm contemplating putting Google ads on my RSS feed, but am still undecided.

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