Edith's autograph book and Jean's needlebook

Last weekend I went to one of my favorite antique shows: Antiques on Academy.  There is always a super group of people selling antique and vintage finds.  I hope the show continues, as the marketing for it leaves much to be desired, despite my best efforts to publicize it.
I didn't have a big budget for the show, but I did manage to scout out some lovely things anyway.  Like the worn velvet book above; it's an autograph book...
and I hadn't seen one like it before, with the lovely, lovely "decorated spaces and lines for sentiment and name."
Like this page -- it's blank, as most pages in the book were.  The sturdy autograph book held 3 or 4 blank pages and then one of these, then 3 or 4 more blank pages, then one of these, etc.
Most of the signatures are done in fountain pen and date from the 1880s.
On this page, several members of the same family signed on a pile of cards.
I love to read the inscriptions to discover names (it's Edith's book) and places (Brooklyn, NY?)
I will have to scan and save some of the lovely vignettes.
A chestnut?  I love how he added music to the manuscript!
Oh... for the days when people took care with their penmanship.
And look what I received as a surprise in the mail just the other day: a needlebook!
It was created with lovely brocade fabric, beautiful lace and ribbon -- and mother of pearl buttons!
The needle book was a gift from Jean; she got hooked on making them when we did the Button Floozies needle book swap last year!  I love the soft pinks and the mixture of textures in the one she sent me!
But not only that...Jean sent along this lovely package with her needle book gift!
Is it not just scrumptious?
Jean sent a beautiful selection of trims, lace and ribbon that she just knew I would love!
And these buttons (the clear one on the bottom is glass!)  Thank you Jean for the sweet surprises!


Unknown said…
That autograph book is just amazing! Please share the graphics if you scan them ;) It is a wonder to see how handwriting has so changed over time. All the little compartments to showcase the ribbons and trims is too sweet. Great to have a friend like Jean. Thanks for sharing - that album is just too cool!
Gill said…
What a fabulous find! I love the beautiful handwriting - what a shame that most people don't take pride in their handwriting today!
Linda said…
Just a quick comment on the needle book...W-O-W!
Kathy said…
That autograph book is an amazing score and yes, you must scan every page!! Beautiful needlebook and "treasure box" as well. I like the way the goodies look in all the little compartments - so inspiring!
That autograph book is great. Love to see the old handwriting. And the little needlecase you received along with all the bits and bobs is just lovely. Best wishes, Tammy
Love these peeks into the past, dear Laurie. What a lovely friend you have and your treasures are perfect!
Marrianna said…
Oh, Laurie, thank you so much for sharing the little autograph book. Love the detailed pages. And the handwriting used to be so fantastic. Nowadays, one would need to learn calligraphy to have that kind of penmanship. Not me. What I'm really thrilled about is the little treasure box of compartments. I see these sometimes at Goodwill W&P with glass ornaments in them. Not the vintage glass ornaments but the compartments are there to use as a place for special little treasures for a friend or two. You can thank your friend, Jean, for the lovely idea to some of your blog followers.

As I write this comment, I'm looking at the snow falling for another winter storm. Another 6-12 inches above 5000 ft. and Flagstaff is at 7,000 ft. I thought I was going to Phoenix today but I guess not. I'll stay home and do some artwork instead. It's not bad enough to keep me inside if I need to go out. It's just bad enough and will get worse later this afternoon and I wouldn't want to be in the Interstate.

Love he needlebook, too. I've thought of making them but that's as far as I've got. Good for you.
Linda said…
The autograph book is so beautiful. I have some vintage cards with signatures in the older writing. Never get tired of seeing it. What a great friend to send such a wonderful package. I too like all the little compartments in the box. Very pretty.
Jean said…
Thank you for posting this Laurie! I know you will have fun using all these goodies. I love the box idea. It gives a chance to see all the colors and textures and get the creative juices going!~HugZ Jean

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