Ephemera, anyone?

More fun paper finds from that antique show a couple of weeks ago:
My favorite part of the ad is the first line on the left:
When you've bought your new Spring Suit don't wear it with an old HAT or shabby SHOES -- let us attire you from crown to sole.
Then you get to select the fabric sample for that New Spring Suit!
Butler makes toothbrushes, and this tie tack is not necessarily very old but I love that it's a brush and it says butler because it makes me think of him...
and I will put it in my next project, a Downton Abbey fabric journal and I will love it and squeeze it...
Some of the other junk I picked up:
a fun class photo...
and this BEAUTIFUL OLD song book from 1857!
It had a fabric protective cover that was lovingly sewn on.
It's letter pressed -- and quite decrepit, actually, with a broken binding and lots of foxing.
I just think it's awesome!
And, something from my own era -- wedding paper dolls!

I think these will be fun in mixed media art!
Of course I couldn't leave the show without a funky button.  This one is an early plastic composite button with huge holes and a ring of mostly-intact rhinestones.  It's a kind of pineapple color and so big it's hard to imagine what kind of clothing it came from.  But fun to try!


Veronica Roth said…
Hi Laurie,
I've come to your blog post from your FB page. Those bits of ephemera you've collected are fantastic. I also collect ephemera and ususally use it for art. Recently I'm doing a lot of paint work of music sheets and maps. Also loving the buttons! I really have to sort thru the jars and jars of vintage buttons around here and do something with them. I've been seeing a lot of sculpture with buttons incorporated in the design. Maybe buttons are the new clay...lol. Anyway, nice to land on this post and I think I'll go have a look around your site. :)
Linda said…
Ummm....see those fashions for the bride paper doll, well some look mighty familiar to me. I would think the era is the 1960's, yup, mighty familiar indeed. Exactly the style I wore back then! LOL

Nice finds.
Very cool stuff! I love the Bridal paper dolls!
Kathy said…
Love the bride and groom paper dolls and especially her red shoes. Great finds!

I LIKE the class school picture, I have a college class picture from 1940 however I think yours is maybe 1910??

LOVE the button
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Love the Downton Abby reference! also love the old song book--what a find! As to the suit samples, I have a quilt made from old wool suit samples. A friend of mine had saved them for years and years and gave them to me. I made a friendship quilt out of them--hmmm--I should blog about that some time!
Fun goodies! Those paper dolls bring back so many memories. They used to keep me busy for hours and I'm sure my mom appreciated that:-) What a pretty button, probably from a coat? I have a few of those, but they keep crumbling.
Linda Sue said…
the bride and groom look like Brad and Janet! Lovely finds the song book is the best- Hark!
Pallas said…
Great finds. The paperdolls are fun. I remember playing with them when I was a girl, and would like to design dresses for them.
Just love Downton Abbey, and even got my hubby hooked on it.
Becs said…
Hey Laurie. You find the coolest treasures! Love what you find. Are you gonna do a button swap anytime soon? If so please contact me. I have some cool old buttons and some fun cards I want to use. Lol. Becs
Linda said…
great ephemera! the song book is a real find.

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