Dress forms, covered

I bought two paper maiche dress forms at an estate sale store last year with the idea of altering them; lo and behold I was finally inspired to follow through with that project on a snow day last week!
As you can see, they are both tabletop sized; I wish I'd taken photos of the "before" but I was in too much of a hurry.  The one on the left began life with forest green wooden base and top, while the body was decoupaged in loud, Victorian-style colors.
I covered it with scraps of burlap that I then stamped with some fun motifs; here is the front (above),
and this is the back of the form.  I left it plain because it's a gift for my friend Rebecca, who is currently loving burlap-anything.  If she wants to, she can add trim or bling it up.  I was thinking she'd use it as a jewelry holder, so I didn't want to stick too much stuff on it.
This one started off all brown -- brown wood and brown paint over the paper maiche body.  So, I decoupaged it with layers and layers of vintage and antique paper scraps...including old sewing patterns.
This is the back side.  It's fun to play with the placement of words on projects like this (giggle!)
I'm keeping the paper covered one for myself; above, at the moment it's holding the angel wings I made with Suzanne a few months ago.
I may keep going with it -- blinging it up, adding a skirt, or what not.  It was so much fun to sit down and play with the forms on a snowy day!
Unfinished Projects: 0 -- Laurie: 1

Edit: linking up on March 11 with:
The Polka Dot Closet 2nd Annual Dress Form Ball


Patty said…
Laurie, I love what you did with the dress forms. I also LOVE the angel wings! I just got a dress form like these from Pottery Barn and love it - it was with a gift card so that was great! Rebecca is going to love it!!
Linda said…
Those turned out very nice. I like the paper one with the wings. Good place for the wings.
Tammy said…
I love the wings! Fun project!
Createology said…
I hope you are going to join your fabulous dress forms with Carol's Dress Form Ball.

I am still working on my simple table top one. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts...
Laurie, this was a very cool project! Love the burlap one especially!

hugs, Linda
Great job, I found some at the Hospice resale place here and covered mine also! They are so much fun, I have an old rosary hanging from mine. Have fun. Di
Unknown said…
Have not seen a burlap one yet - I like it! Great job!
Becs said…
Hi Laurie. Those turned out really cute! I love them and have several of my own. Becs
Kathy said…
What a fun way to spend a day and I like how they turned out. The one with the wings would looks really cute with a fluffy skirt!
Wendy said…
You did a really great job Laurie! They are both just beautiful! And I love the wings you have added to the one.
Hi sweet Laurie!!! Your altered dress forms turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them both ~ and the angel wings are just gorgeous! If you wanted to, you can give the back of the wings the same treatment as the front...I've made several of them that way for my customers!!! Wishing you a wonderful, creative week ahead, hugs and love, Dawn
Let's see, what do I love more, the burlap form, or the added wings... nope, love them all equally!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I am so glad you let your girls attend the ball. Everyone was commenting on the burlap and they were all a twitter about the angel wings! They are having a wonderful time and making many friends. Thank you for coming. I will make sure they get home safe and sound after the ball!

Beansieleigh said…
Very nice! Love both your dress forms, and was intriqued that you could stamp on burlap! I never thought you could do that! The wings you made are very sweet too!.. Nice meeting you, Laurie, via The Dress Form Ball today! ~tina
Hi Laurie, Your girls look very pretty and I heard that they had a lot of fun dancing and chatting at the Dressform Ball.
Nanna said…
love the burlap & the old advertisments, great job on both of them!
Kathy said…
I'm glad you linked up and let your girls join in the fun!
Createology said…
I am so glad your girls were able to attend this very fun event. Dancing the night away...
20 North Ora said…
Love both of your dress forms - especially the beautiful wings. I love that size. It's kinda hard to find a place to put a full sized one. Coming over from Polka Dot Closet.

So cute! I love the angel wings!
Celestina Marie said…
Hi Laurie,
SO nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by to my blog for the Dress Form Ball. I am still catching up since we had out of town company that just left. I am exhausted. LOL
Anyway, I love your girls and the chic details. The size is perfect to display anywhere. I am sure they had an amazing time at the ball and my girls were happy to visit with them.

Love your blog Laurie and now a new follower.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Celestina Marie

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