So we decided to love our Peak

Happy Easter!
I'm re-running this post from Easter 2009 -- when we had an impromptu snow storm on Easter morn.  I hope that you enjoy it!

The fact that we live at the foot of Pikes Peak makes our weather very extreme and quite unpredictable at times. I used a technique I'd learned in a poetry class I took recently where you juxtapose the order of words. I think it makes the poetry a bit lighter and playful. What do you think?

So We Decided to Love our Peak
by Laurie Jackson
The mountain made the sky forget
it’s April, and Easter, a day for sun
Down snowflakes dropped, thick and wet,
as up we woke, prepared for fun

“Oh no – snow!” we out loud moaned
our yesterday memories clear and bright
We grumpy groused and crabby groaned
that the weather could change over so night

Mother smiled – she wasn’t worried
She had, of course, a plan in mind
So down we piped and up she hurried
To indoor hide hunt eggs to find

Out she shooed, upstairs we waited
and outside gazed from the windowsill
as snowflakes fell on our garden gated
and landed a landscape soft and still

One by one we started to speak
to murmur how it sure looked nice
So we decided to love our Peak
to take good beauty with bad ice

We upped our chins and had a go
at Easter egg hunting in our pjs,
then rode to church in snow drive slow,
and ahead dreamed to sunny May days


Unknown said…
Very cute! This is the first year our weather has been nice in a few years for our annual neighborhood egg hunt. So off we go for our first official one not done by Mommy or Daddy ;) Hope you have a wonderful Easter tomorrow!
Linda said…
The juxtaposition seems to add a bit of je ne sais pas....well I'll call it whimsy to your poetry. Nice.

Wishing you a Happy Easter.
Kathy said…
Happy Easter, Laurie. I hope there are no such surprises tomorrow morning!
Tami Hacker said…
Enjoyed your sweet, whimsical Easter poem. Over the years we've had several Easter mornings like your poem.

I love the new look of your blog!
Linda said…
Happy Easter! Enjoyed your poem, it is a fun way to write a poem. Hope your day is sunny and bright, find lots of Easter eggs.
autena said…
Happy Easter! That card made me smile!

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