Fun finds from last week

Picking is such a hard habit to break.  I go out less often now, but I still can't seem to stay away COMPLETELY. I haven't had time to antique or thrift shop this week, but here are a few more things I bought the last time I was out:
I don't know why I wanted this so badly, but I did, so there it is.  It's a metal set of coasters and their lyre-shaped holder in that pretty blue.
I love the patina!
Of course there was the requisite bag of ephemera; this picture of two little ones by a birthday cake sold me!  At first I thought they were twins, but now I'm thinking close siblings.
The bag came with all of this, too...

I really loved this card with its silk ribbon embellishment.
It kind of matches this little half-doll pin cushion.  Now, the tiny red pillow on the right was another antique store find; I called it the bargain of the day at 75 cents.  I think the stamped motif pin in the middle was worth all that and more.  But I found the pin cushion at an estate sale I spied on the way home from the antique store.
I don't often see them in such good condition, and certainly not for the bargain price of $5.  I don't think I've ever seen one priced at less than $15.  I've always wanted one.  Now it's mine!
This little pile of buttons was 50 cents; orange (and also purple) tends to be a hard button color for me to find for crafting, so I grabbed it.
Some more from that estate sale a couple of weeks ago: my husband has been trying to master the art of martini mixing so I picked this colorful 45 in its sleeve for the graphics.
I'm kind of enamored of these lately: they were intended for guest towels but I like to use them to hold paper art.
This one had a fun, leafy design that I'd never seen before.  The base is fitted with green glass.
A friend bought a bunch of wire flower frogs, and shared one of the round ones.  So I had to go looking for my others and discovered...
I have inadvertently amassed a small collection.  (Oops.)
But these two little slide cases were my most cheery finds.
This one is so nice and flat, and came with some nice timeworn ephemera, including tiny numbers that were used to label the slide holders...
and a negative which dates the slides to the 1950s or early 60s..
and a cute brass stamped label.
But look how CUTE this one is!
Little "library catalog" style drawers, and the first two are full of slides that I can't wait to explore.
And its own niftly brass label plate.  I am really into vintage storage these days, are you?


Lorraine said…
You always seem to find such wonderful things! I'm envious of your frogs. I went looking at our annual White Elephant specifically for one of those and found none. Thanks for sharing your treasured finds with us - makes me very happy to see the little things that are not done giving people joy.
Abby / Linda said…
Love those towel holders! BTW, the other day I saw a vintage dresser set with mirror that lies flat one the dresser with matching hair brushes and combs, etc, that I have not seen many other places. Are they not readily available? I don't see them very often. Thought you might know.
You find the best stuff!
Love the pin in her hiney! Ha!
Kathy said…
You have such a great eye for spotting the unique. I love that pincushion and, YES, that was a bargain price for it!
Are you going to remove the slide dividers from the cases or leave them in?
Unknown said…
Love the pincushion doll! I have never seen a slidecase like the one with the drawers - now that is COOL! I have a bunch of suitcases that are in good condition, but they sort of smell and I'm wondering if I should just remove the fabric? I've seen people cover them with paper. I just don't want the papers I store inside to smell. Have you ever done anything like that? Well, for someone who is cutting back at least you are finding quality when you are out!
Linda said…
oh the orange buttons are divine-great color. and the towel holder is especiall pretty and seems more fitted to use for art display then towels. and the little slide cases, with slides that was a great find!
Kelli Davidson said…
I LOVE the record. We decorate with albums all year-round and change them every couple of months. We have a rat pack bunch so I really appreciate this!
Angela Catirina said…
My mom used to have one of those antique guest towel holders in our bathroom when I was growing up. It was a an elegant, gloved hand. I always thought it was so charming.
Great find!! I'd love to be your husand's martini guinea pig :D
The half
doll pin cushion was a steal, anyway around here they are $25 up . I have never seen one for $5.00

You find the best bargains

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