Spring, bling, ning...and things

As we are about to embark on our two week Spring Break, my son said on the way to school this morning, "That gopher thing was wrong."
He was referring, of course, to the groundhog; around here, we've had cold weather and are expecting snow for the next few days.
These flowers Dennis came home with yesterday are reminding me there is a fresh, pastel-colored season in sight.
As is this gorgeous necklace that came in the mail from my sweet friend, Angela!
It's her original design and made from amethyst and glass, with a peacock theme.  It is so lovely!  Angela is building a website of the jewelry she designs and makes with her mother -- you can see/shop for some of her beautiful things here.
In other creative news: I recently joined Jeanne Oliver's Creative Community; it's a place to connect and enjoy some of her free online art and business videos; then, if you like you can sign up for one or more of her e-courses.  The one I'm doing is called Building a Creatively Made Business, and I'm really enjoying it so far.  Jeanne teaches, inspires, and encourages, and I've already begun to try some of her tips to revamp my handmade Etsy shop.
Speaking of talented locals -- I was reading Somerset Studio Gallery when some vibrant art caught my eye, and I noticed the name of the artist: Wendy Brightbill.  This is a familiar name because Wendy was my son's Kindergarten teacher.  Now she teaches art, gets published in many of those Stampington magazines, and has a new baby.  She also has a lovely story of her personal creative journey, which you can read on her blog, A Girl and Her Brush.  I'm pleased to have re-connected with Wendy and learn that we run in some of the same creative circles.  Don't you love those "small world" moments?  I do.


Linda said…
we are up to our eyeballs in snow. 2 storms last week. no more snow predicted for now. love the flowers, how pretty. necklace is beautiful and the colors are very nice.
I can see an area on that map is one my son will be heading to for college and he is gonna be in for a shock when it comes to cold weather. :) Sending warm wishes your way, Tammy
Kathy said…
I love when those "small world" things happen! It has been a busy week at work and during a brief break I dashed though the lobby at my office and ran into a neighbor from about 25 years ago - how unlikely is THAT!!
Lisa said…
Those flowers are so pretty - and yes!, a reminder that nice weather is not *too* far away.
autena said…
Gorgeous flowers! I think that storm you are having , or just had, is headed here :(
chateau chic said…
Definitely ready for spring, but maybe we'll be having some of that snow too.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm a new follower.
Mary Alice
Oh so coooold again!
Beautiful rose and hydrangea in that vase. We can still pick these in our Autumnal garden here at home at present with our final rose flush!
A very charming necklace here from your friend Laurie!
Have a great week!

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