In which I am not ready for Easter

I've been seeing lots of Easter-themed decor on blogs lately.  Alas, I'm not doing much this year and am in fact feeling woefully un-decorated.
In years past I did some fun decorating:
 here's a bunny I stitched about 20 years ago from an antique quilt square
my all-time favorite Easter display, using marshmallow bunnies, Easter grass, and plastic eggs in a trifle dish
I don't mind "wasting" the candy -- I couldn't eat a store-bought marshmallow peep or bunny (or any shape) if my life depended upon it!
 a vintage crepe paper egg 
this was the letter "I" of my "SING" banner last year; it's rather Easter-y
a bunny faux confection made by LuLu Kellogg
and the chick I made for her, pulling its egg cart (made from a vintage novelty salt and pepper shaker set)
a paper Easter wall hanging, made from vintage crepe and wall paper
...and a little bird with a vintage blossom in its beak.
Hm.  Okay.  I'm a bit more in the mood now -- how about you?


Sweet Woodruff said…
I haven't decorated. I LOVE that little chick pulling the s & p cart. Adorable idea.
Christina Paul said…
Such charming and unique items- love the chickie with cart and bunny confection and all the vintage details!
Since I'm heading home today I might have to pull out a bunny or two for a few days! Love the chick you made...adorable!!
hugs, Linda
Kathy said…
Well, you are way ahead of me because I have been so busy I only realized this morning that Easter is THIS Sunday. Good grief!
Unknown said…
I am right there with you! I have the stuff sitting there right by my mantle and I just don't feel too inspired to put it up?! I think Easter and St.Pat's being so close did it for me. By the way - I really like your blog switch up. The blue color is my favorite next to my jade green. Cute birdies too!
Linda said…
Umm...the change to your blog look is quite "Eastery", and I rather enjoy seeing the efforts from Easters past. Thanks.
Createology said…
Easter is rather early this year and I admit I am not feeling very festive. Your decorations are lovely. Happy Hopping...
Lisa said…
Cute, cute, cute!
I don't have the energy this year to decorate for Easter since I'm still putting stuff away from the construction around here. I did find a cute Easter banner for my front door yesterday while shopping at Joann's. That may be the extent of my decorating this year.
kathyinozarks said…
I don't decorate either-my favorite is your bunny from the vintage quilt-love that idea. beautiful decorations
Kadee Willow said…
Yes, I am in the same boat. No Easter decorations as we are selling our home. Next year, right? I love all your decorations with the Easter theme! And the peeps! My favorite way to eat them is when the are a bit hard from sitting out. So pass those along to me, please!! LOL
LuLu Kellogg said…
We are in the midst of getting our house ready to go back on the market at the beginning of next week so all my decor had to be boxed and put up. Yes, even all the Halloween goodness that stays out year round in my studio....*sigh*

I hope your Easter will be fun!!!!

I don't normally decorate for Easter, but I have made a couple of egg shaped hanging decorations and some rabbits (though I will be making rabbits all year round now as people seem to like them) for my shop.
My favourite of those that you have oosted here is the last wall hanging. I like its 3d element.
Happy Easter

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