Sign up for Antiques Roadshow tickets!

Antiques Roadshow has announced their 2013 tour dates and cities; get all the details in my article here.
If you're new to my blog, you may not know that I just this week celebrated my 3rd anniversary as a writer on  I write on the subject of antique and thrift shopping in my region (Colorado Springs.)  This morning I was delighted to log on and see that I am the number one Examiner in my region!  I normally hover in the top 10 somewhere, but this is the first time I saw that I have the top spot.  I'm pretty proud of that because I have worked hard to produce a few articles every month for 3 years.  There are more than 85,000 contributors to the site -- all of us local "experts" on our topic.  Please don't hesitate to click/subscribe to my articles, even if you are outside of my region; the more readers, the merrier!

When you freelance for you are given a title -- mine is Antique and Thrift Shopping Examiner -- and you are paid by the click.  I have worked my way up to about $7 a month, in 3 years.  Of course, there's a potential to make more money if you write on a different/broader subject, like movie star gossip, or politics, or recipes, or money-saving tips -- something that everyone is bound to "click". There are also spots for national examiners in any given category if they like what you do locally -- and that can generate much more income, too. Examiners can write articles that aren't region-specific and still get paid a few pennies based on traffic it brings to the site.  You can also upload photos and videos, and those views count towards your "pay."

There are Examiners on every subject you can think of; for example, in my town we have the usual Cheap Eats Examiner, a Stay-at-Home-Moms Examiner, a Sightseeing Examiner, -- but also a Great Pyrennes Examiner, a Children's Books Examiner, and a Video Games Examiner.  If you're interested in writing for them, check the site and find out which titles they are looking to fill in your region -- or suggest one.  When I approached, I told them I was an expert in antique and thrift shops in my town and was accepted pretty much right away.  It's rather like blogging: you log onto the site and post an article whenever you like.  They'll start to email you if it's been more than 2 weeks since you posted an article as they really are looking for regular contributors.

If you have any interest in getting your own column on, here's a referral code: It always helps to have a referral, and it would help me too, as I get a referral bonus if you're given a title!

Back to Antiques Roadshow: tickets are free and distributed via lottery, so I have put my name in the hat for tickets to the Kansas City event in August.  It's the closest town to me among this year's events, and it would definitely be worth a drive out there to attend.  Why don't you try to get tickets, too -- I'll meet you there!


We went to one of their shows in Houston several years ago, prior to me being a dealer. It was a long day, but very fun & exciting. Hope you get your tickets! -diane
You always amaze me

I went to Antique Road show in Tulsa Oklahoma and was featured at the end

It was so fun, my youngest daughter went with me and she loved the experience also
Unknown said…
Thanks for that link! I have always wanted to go! I signed up right away - there will be one in Richmond at the end of the Summer! Too bad I'll probably sell my dollhouse before then, but I have lots of other goodies stashed ;) I may try the Examiner thing too, sounds like fun. Congratulations to you for being #1!
Kathy said…
Congratulations on the #1 spot and good luck with the lottery!!!!
Linda E. Pruitt said…
Mu hubby is from Kansas City! Maybe we could go visit and meet you--but it is a long shot! Have a great time!
Linda said…
congratulations on your #1! Interesting site to explore.
Congrats on your writing prowess, Laurie, but I'm not at all surprised ~ afterall you published a book!
Best of luck with the tickets for ARS ~ if anyone deserves them, it's you!

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