Antique sounds

You know how estate sales will usually let unsold items go for 50% off on the last day?  I don't typically go back to get such items, but I made an exception last week to buy this:
a lovely original watercolor of a cathedral in Mexico (I think it's the one in Mexico City.)  It was painted in 1984 by an artist whose signature looks like "J. Hannhauser" or "Hornhausen" or something like that -- but I still need to research him/her.  Can anyone recommend a good art information site, paid or unpaid, that you have used?
I love the colors; at first glance, I thought it was a Parisian scene.
Another thrifty find -- this one purchased from my friend Kathy; it's a lovely wood and wicker basket with a nice, flat base for displaying pretty things.  On it, above, a very cute bird pick that came with the basket.
I've been playing with other things to display on it, like Peter Rabbit pretties...
and this English stainless steel coffee set that is in my Etsy shop; shown with it: a clock that was always in my parents' kitchen.
Also from Kathy, this fabulous box of collars, still in their original waxed paper envelopes!
I have no words to describe the crisp, crinkly sound of those yellowed envelopes; if you love old paper, then you know what I'm talking about!  I had to have them.


Kathy said…
I'm glad you went back for the painting - it is beautiful! Love that little bunny, too.
Kadee Willow said…
I'm hearing the crinkly sound, Laurie, and loving it!! Original packaging? What a find! Yes, sometimes it's so worth going on the last day and you did well. The basket and bunny are so cute and perfect timing for Easter. Love the flat bottom!!
Unknown said…
I love the watercolor! That is truly my favorite medium. It has very pretty colors. If your Peter rabbit ever decides he needs friends, I have a Jemima Puddleduck and a Mrs. TiggyWinkle who could keep him company ;) I never found a Peter , my sons nursery had Peter Rabbit ;) We are just reading it now though and he understands and enjoys it. Great finds!
Unknown said…
I love the sleeves that those shirt collars come in, interesting!
Thanks for stopping by my "Harper Magazine Tag" post. Thanks for the comment.
Have a great week.
GardenOfDaisies said…
It is a lovely painting. And I do love the way towns were built around a central square, with the church right in the middle of things.
I have a basket very similar to yours... which reminds me that I need to put it out with some of my Easter decor.
And last, I LOVE your little baby fork with the bunny on it! My sister found a similar spoon not long ago at a garage sale and she uses it every time her little granddaughter comes over.
Mid Mod Mom said…
I believe the signature says Hanhausen. Lovely pick.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
i adore your collars!
what a lovely gift
Diane said…
Lots of great finds!!! I raided our antique ships here, but found nothing, same stuff from the last 10't wait til the sales start up here at the end of April!!
Linda said…
I can see why the paper would be a find, love the looks of it. And the bunny with her fork-ready to eat some carrot souffle maybe.

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