A cousin reunion

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of getting together with my first cousin, who was in Denver on business.  I haven't seen her in about 10 years.
I drove up the highway just in time to meet her for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Willie Gs.  We started with crab cakes, moved on to steak, and finished off with...
a little pineapple upside down cake, served warm with coconut topped ice cream (we shared.)  It was special because it's really the most time I ever remember spending with her.  When we were kids, her parents divorced and after that we saw little of each other -- you know how that can happen in families.  It was great to have this special time with her, getting to know her, really.  I am happy to know we share a lot (besides DNA)!
Since I knew she was bringing me some family photos from our aunt who passed away a couple of years ago, I brought her a gift as well.
I made this mixed media collage for her, using a photo of our grandmother as the focal point.  Included in the background is an image of the Golden Gate Bridge Fiesta -- when they opened the bridge to pedestrian traffic during its debut in the 1930s.  It's special to me because my father remembers walking across it that day, as a child.
We think our grandmother was beautiful.  I added color to her shirt, gave her a skirt of a 1910 ledger page from a general store, and added a Dresden foil belt.  I gave her faux hand and bouquet taken from antique calling card scrap.
She really enjoyed the gift -- I'm so glad!  It was special to make it for her, and think about our grandmother and how happy she would be to know her two granddaughters made the effort to get together.
It was lovely to be in downtown Denver, too, on a rare Spring night where we didn't even need jackets!  The town (and its people) were decked out in green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
...Did you notice the little decoration in one of the photos above -- the one that looks like a man in the moon?  It was made for me by Terri and was a gift for this past holiday.  Isn't it spectacular?  Terri is so talented and I'm ueber excited to know I'll be seeing her in June at Birdsong 3!


Unknown said…
Such a lovely collage. I'm sure she will treasure it always. It is really fun to me to create something with an object or point from my family or some part of my own history. Glad you had a great time.
Veronica Roth said…
Hi Laurie, it looks like you had a lovely visit with your cousin and I bet she loved her collage and will cherish it. I love how thoughtfully you've incorporated the relevant and important memories from your grandmother's life. Hope it isn't another 10 year before you see each other again.
Kathy said…
Your collage is just wonderful and yes, your Grandmother would be very happy!!
I dang near punched a hole through my screen trying to grab that pineapple upside down cake with coconut ice cream. For a second, almost had it!
How lovely that you were able to get together with your cousin after so long. I have cousins that I've not seen in forever. The collage you made is so very special! Have a wonderful day. Tammy
What a fun time, I'm sure you two could have talked all night. Hopefully it will be the first of many visits. The collage you created is so special!! Thanks for sharing Laurie.
Lani Robertson said…
I love the art that you created for your cousin! Your Grandma was a very beautiful woman. Hope you had a great time catching up with her! :)
Ana said…
Hi Laurie,
Sounds like your cousin and you had a wonderful get together. What a sweet and thoughtful gift you made her.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I had so much fun at the Dress Form Ball I can't wait til next year. Looking forward to seeing you there. Wishing you a wonderful day.

Linda said…
the collage is such fun! bet your grandmother would have gotten a kick out of it. cute clown box.
The collage you created is amazing. Something about the colors and elements really spoke to me. I know your cousin will treasure it. I love the way you've displayed your little pixie box, too! XO

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