Silent Sunday (my version of Wordless Wednesday!)


Dee in N.H. said…
Well done! Everything looks so pretty!
Unknown said…
Wow. You have your game on! Love what you did with the santa and sleigh....That santa/smoking sign is great...maybe not PC anymore but wonderful! I need to go finish all my projects now!
Tami Hacker said…
You can feel your presence in your Christmas decorating. Each chosen & displayed with a smile from your heart.

So many to enjoy, but my faves are the hot air balloon ornament and the wreath family photo frame.

Thanks for sharing!

Merry Christmas, Tami
Thank you for this lovely post! All the photos are beautiful and festive and make me smile. Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! hugs, Linda
Is it okay to comment on a silent post? The images were just so Christmassy - loved them.
Oh, I sure love your decorations. I have always known that we like the same things. Yours remind me of Mine, hugs to you Laurie
Linda Sue said…
whoa! Go a little christmas crazy? Fun to see!
Wow, what pretty vintage treasures, love the detail in the first picture.
Thanks for sharing all your beautiful vignettes. Everything is so festive!
Lori Anderson said…
I looooove the hot air balloon! And I'm really impressed at how much decorating you do! I only have the tree and the outdoor lights. Fini!
Annette said…
Such beautiful decorating! I just adore the little stockings!
Anonymous said…
Laurie, I love your Silent Sunday (very clever) and your decor is so gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing this part of yourself.

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