I am so gifted!

Here are some more amazingly wonderful things that have been delivered to my door!
Would you look at this face?  This chocolate chenille bear was made by my buddy Angela and she sent it to me as a Christmas gift!
It's been so long since I've even held a teddy bear; wow, it is a great feeling!  He's entirely handmade by Angela!
You may remember that she was the one who made me this amazing quilt!  I have such talented and generous friends!
Then, Heather was having a giveaway of this collection of fun and fantastic Christmas goodness from IKEA on her blog, Speckled Egg, and I won it!
I'm having so much fun with these cute cupcake liners, which can hold cookies and homemade fudge;
 and these really great cookie cutters,
and bags and tags in the shape of this cute nordic Santa-looking chap, and his friends!  Thank you so much, Heather!

Julia, aka Spotted Sparrow, gifted me a box full of great scrapbooking items that she no longer needed -- it's so awesome that she thought of me!

I've already used a bunch of it and shared some, too!  I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to have Julia bestow all these great supplies on me!

Oh, and, I bought this wonderful custom print from Julia, which arrived at the same time!  It's my favorite lines from one of my favorite songs in the world, You Wear It Well, with my and Dennis' names included; it's called Art Deco Love Quote Print and you can order if from her store in any song and choose from many colors!

I ordered it in lavender and looks awesome in my living room/dining room -- especially after I found the perfect purple frame to go with it!

Beautiful, handmade jewelry arrived as a surprise from Angela -- who keeps me in stitches on Facebook and who I will meet up with one day in real life!  Isn't it divine?
Then, this arrived from Tami; it's a beautiful cuff she made herself!  She included other sweet gifts, like this ornament:

Aren't I gifted?  Hee hee -- you know what I mean: I am One. Lucky. Gal!


Bunty said…
He is so adorable! I have a weakness for teddy bears and he is lovely - you are surely lucky indeed. Your other gifts look great also . Enjoy them all.

Have a very Happy Christmas Laurie.

You are much loved and that is wonderful. I love that sweet bear! All your wins and other goodies are fabulous also. Merry Christmas!
Wow! Such beautiful treasures from some very talented artists. Yep, you are one lucky girl. Enjoy your treasures!
I am in love with the chenille bear. he is so cute! Merry Christmas to you Laurie!
Mrs A. said…
Wow. Your gifts jut keep coming snd coming. Love that bear to pieces. Have a lovely Christmas and A Hasppy New Year to you.
Hugs Mrs A.
Kathy said…
Oh you lucky ducky! Love that elf shoe cookie cutter and the cuff is just gorgeous. Wowza!
Tami Hacker said…
Wonderful gifts for a WONDERFUL you!
Anonymous said…
You lucky, lucky lady! How thoughtful these sweethearts are. Everything is wonderful.

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