A gifted journal

My friend Pam over at Finderskeepers has a Christmas project she works on annually: to fill a stocking for the homeless with useful gifts, to include a journal.  Her vision is to give children a place to be creative with crayons, and for adults to put down their thoughts while they are on their difficult journey.
 Pam is inviting her blog readers and friends to send her a journal with an inspirational message for her project.  Her specifications are simple -- to make a journal with whatever supplies you have on hand, to include an inspirational message, and send to her for her gift stockings as soon as you can!

She inspired me to make a journal this weekend, and if you like the idea, too, visit her blog post about her project for more details!


Anonymous said…
This is such a fantastic idea! I wish I had time to contribute but my schedule is packed. I will keep an eye out for it again next year.

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