Christmas Ornament Swap pt. 2

Because we had an odd number of swappers in the Button Floozies Christmas Ornament Swap, I ended up in two swap groups.  Double the fun!
For the second swap, I was inspired to make button ornaments from tiny French tart molds!  Here are all of them, along with the little cards I made to go with them.  Because the molds were so tiny, I gave everyone 3 ornaments.
I think this one is my favorite; that's a 1935 Christmas seal, with music paper behind it and lots of glitter; it has a little stack of red buttons hanging from the bottom of it.
This one is decorated with music paper (a Christmas carol), vintage millinery, glitter, and a vintage white button that holds the silver thread it hangs from onto the tin.
These round molds each have sparkly vintage button in the middle, with some vintage lace behind it.  A white glass button dangles from the silver thread on top of each one.
Earlier this year I'd bought these red molds, envisioning a Christmas craft use.  They turned out to be the perfect packaging for the three little ornaments! are the ones I received in return:
This beauty is by Jeanelle.  Look at the tiny stitches and the fantastic color and texture of those red buttons!  The back is a different vintage fabric that is just sweet -- I wish I had photographed it for you, but trust me!  (Jeanelle joined me in doubling up on swaps to fill out the last group!)
This adorable snow angel is made of chenille, with plaid wool wings!  He's a creation by Angela, and you can't see it too well in this photo but he sparkles, too!  Angela's a talented seamstress and quilter, and if you want a deal on a quilt or other handmade Christmas gift, visit her shop now -- she's having a sale!
Wrapped up in this cute package is Robin's button ornament:
Pink and white buttons, rimmed with green tinsel, and all a-sparkle!
Robin also sent this tiny button jar full of pink buttons!  It is so CUTE!
This swap was so, so much fun!  I loved every ornament I received!

Here's your chance to see them all, too!  We're having a Linky Party over on the Button Floozies blog; click here to see many more ornaments!


Lisa said…
How fun Laurie! If you are ever in need of extra people for a swap, please think of me. I usually find out after they are done and so wish I could have participated.
Love your ornaments!
Beth Leintz said…
I love those little tart ornaments. I see the little pans a lot at estate sales and have wanted to pick them up, but I'm never quite so sure what do do- thanks for the inspiration.

(And baking with the tart pans never crossed my mind)
Regina said…
Oh Laurie...your ornaments are adorable. I don't know what it is but adding a printed page just makes any art POP...not to mention those cute tiny tins.

Your treasures you received are all amazing. I see a beautiful tree or perhaps a wreath.

Linda Sue said…
SWEET! Love your ideas, Laurie! Your home at christmas time must be something extraordinary!!
Anonymous said…
Wow! You are an inspiration of beauty and charm.
SixBalloons said…
Wow those are great ornaments! Love the felted holly leaves.
Kathy said…
Your little tart tins are SWEET! The glitter makes me think of sugar and i don't know how you could part with those rhinestone buttons but they look so beautiful. Bravo to you for spreading the button love!
Hi Laurie, Thanks again for hosting this very fun swap. Your tart tin ornaments are so adorable. I love the sheet music and very vintage feel to them. The vintage stamps are so clever. It is very cool that we both thought of doing the little tins, I guess great minds think alike friend!
Unknown said…
Thanks again for hosting this button ornament swap. I had such a wonderful time creating my gifts.
I love your tiny tin ornaments. I adore that little glass ornament filled with pink buttons, how much fun is that!!
Happy Holidays to you.
Ann said…
Oh, you tart! Your tin ornaments are adorable, as are all the wonderful ones you received. This was such a fun swap. Thanks again for hosting.
Bunty said…
What a cute and unusual idea - I love them! I never see anything like the old tart tins in the UK - more's the pity. Your ornaments are so pretty Laurie.

Pinspot said…
Hi there, I came over from Pinterest. Just love those tart tins and now I know what to do with mine! How did you attach a string to hang them? Punch a hole? glue on the back? If you get this, please email me back at

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