Our white Christmas!

I'm pretty sure we're going to have a white Christmas!  It snowed on Monday...
and it was my favorite kind: fresh, powdery snow!
My 85 year old Aunt Delores, who was visiting for a couple of days, got out and shoveled the driveway with me!
But it wasn't all hard work while she was here; we also made fudge!
I promised photos of the finished snow men!  Here they are!
These little ones are my own creation -- they stand up and clip to the tree; they are standing in a vintage tart tin!
The little snow heads are from a great tutorial that was part of Artist Class, by Dawn at The Feathered Nest!  I really love making them!
Click on over to my Button Floozies blog to see my latest button delights!
I can't tell you how excited I am that my Christmas cactus is blooming, just in time for Christmas!  I've found three blooms -- the first of which is in the bottom-to-middle right of the photo above!

We had another storm blow in last night!  Fingers crossed that the snow sticks around for the holiday!


barb cabot said…
Laurie, we are heading to Ohio and hoping for a white Xmas like yours. Your aunt is really so adorable and AMAZING! What a role model. Your newest creations are all so so cute and I love your button bracelets. You too are truly AMAZING with all you do and your vigilance in creating. Happy everything to you and yours!
Tami Hacker said…
Your White Christmas wish came true!

Your aunt is amazing out there shoveling snow. What a joy to spend time with her and have fun doing things together!

I am always checking your blog to see what new and creative things you've been up to. I adore your snowmen especially the snow heads!

Happy White Christmas!

Hugs, Tami
Marion said…
No fair! You get all that pretty snow and all we're getting here is rain. (Stomping my feet.) LOL!

Your Christmas creations are awesome, Laurie. I made some cards last night & decorated them with the cute lace I got from your shop. Happy White Christmas!! xo
Kathy said…
You have a white winter wonderland right outside your window - enjoy!!
Your little snow guys are adorable, and so is your cute little aunt! It's so nice that she was able to spend time with you. Looks like she enjoyed her visit!

Enjoy your white Christmas, and have a happy New Year!
Lisa said…
I love it, your 85 year old aunt out shoveling the walk! I would love to be like that when I am older, heck I'd like to feel like that now!
I am so jealous of your white Christmas, I ran the A/C yesterday.
I love all of your creations, especially the button card on BF blog. I wish you & your family the merriest of holidays & cant wait to see you at Karla's in 2012!

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