Being on the "Nice" list

I am trying to stay on Santa's "nice" list by staying away from the thrift stores when I have so much (better) stuff to be doing.  Like finishing my holiday decorating (I'm procrastinating right this minute, I fear...), and wrapping gifts, and writing articles for  And I've been good, for goodness sake.  I've only gone twice in the last couple of weeks.
Do you know how long I've been looking for a hat stand?  A long time.  They are few and far between around here.  So I had to pounce on this one when I found it.
I saw the two chips on this beautiful, well-dressed woman, but I didn't hold them against her.
I've never seen a belle so slim and stately, wearing such a beautiful blue dress.
I have to look up her mark; meanwhile, I'm just enjoying her calm poise!
Echoing the sentiment of another blogging friend, I have to say I love anything these days with a fleur de lys on it, like the pretty yellow-bordered plate on top.
The blue-rimmed plate on the bottom is stamped Minton, which makes it all the more desirable to me!  Each plate was a mere 99 cents, and therefore un-pass-up-able in my book; although I must say I left many more pretty plates behind that day.  I had to be choosy because at the very moment I was shopping, I knew I had two tall piles of pretty plates on my dining room table awaiting storage!
And, no sooner had I typed the words vintage ornaments have been slim pickins' this year to another blogging friend than I found a whole pile at the thrift store!
I want to sob when I think that I almost missed out on this pretty blue one!  It has to be one of the prettiest I've ever found.
I think the reason I love them so much is that, growing up, we had only plain, colored balls on our tree, plus the ones we made by hand in school.  I still remember the first time I saw a tree decorated with fancy glass ornaments at my best friend's house when I was in 2nd grade.  I could have stared at it for hours!  I always knew I wanted a tree like that when I grew up, and it still delights me to own ornaments like this!
Another thrift store find -- ice-skating children!
A mischevious-looking Santa in a wreath of lights...
still in his Woolworth's box!
Two more vintage Christmas pieces I just fell in love with: first, this candle with its glittered wooden angel peeking out of a paper window!
Did you notice the cool, curvy console-style holder?!
I also picked up the tin under it; it's a bit battered but so iconic, with its shiny, starburst-y decorations!
Do you know what this red fabric is?  It's a cut-out-apron panel; there are two aprons there: one is rectangular, the other is curved like a half-moon.  The straps are along the sides!  It is a sheer, wispy fabric with green-flocked designs.  I was so surprised to find it!  I have a Christmas apron like this that I will probably recognize it as the background for some of my recent Christmas photos, like this one:
In my defense, Santa, the Christmas stuff is marked 50% off this week at my favorite thrift store; what's a girl to do?

Flea Market Finds


RedBettySummer said…
So many fun things. I love the vintage of your decor. Everything old is new again, right. Happy thrifing. Merry Christmas.
Linda Sue said…
"What's a girl to do" hmmmm let me see - SHOP!!! You find the greatest stuff ever! What a good eye! I have your little snowman head up year round- it is my most favorite! LOVE!
Kathy said…
Wonderful finds and your chippy girl is surely a "velveteen woman"!
Can I come shop with you? I love those pretty ornaments. I don't see many hat stands are here either. Fabulous treasures!
Unknown said…
Greaaat finds! I have been trying to stay away too, but reading this is making me weak, I feel the need to go tomorrow...;-) Right there with you on the late Christmas thing! Tree absolutely must be up tomorrow or else!
Annette said…
I love the ornaments! Surely you get "nice" points for giving somebody's cast offs a new home!!
Lucky you for finding all those great vintage items. I love those ornaments! Makes me so happy you found some, now if I could just find hugs, Linda
Boy did you find some wonderful things!!! Great job!

The JOyful Thrifter
Cathy said…
beautiful baubles for sure!!!!
sue said…
So much shiny goodness - I love it all!
Paulette said…
Amazing ornaments! You are so very lucky, bet your tree is beautiful with all of these fabulous ornaments!.
You found lots of fun things! The plates are really pretty and I would have scooped them up as well, but I can also relate to the stack waiting to be stored. Still, it is hard to leave the pretty ones behind.

The vintage ornaments are gorgeous! Oh, you really hit the jackpot with these beauties.

The apron panel is the first I've seen. Very interesting.

And the hat stand is lovely, also. I don't think I've ever seen one in all my thrifting so a lucky find it was for sure.

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