It's only the first week of December...

and I already feel behind!  Raise your hand if you are with me!
We have been having extremely cold temps for several days.  Because of that, I haven't been able to decorate for Christmas outdoors.  Maggie and Snoopy say, "Brr!"
Snoopy says, "And no one is taking me for walks, either!"
At least we have put up our Christmas tree...
but I have hardly done any other decorating indoors.
Anyone else out there who just can't seem to get started?
Two of my favorite vintage kitchen towels
A favorite vintage apron
I've been getting GREAT mail lately, though.  Here's just a small sample:
A beautiful ephemera/inspiration kit from Terri;
that little black box was full of tiny, beautiful, old glass beads!  ~Sigh!~
A sweet and generous gift of war ration books/stamps I'd admired in Linda's gluebook page, which I received in the gluebook swap; she shared some of these with me, which are dear to her because they were from her own family.  I was so touched!
A sweet tag, with tree made of birds on branches, and studded with buttons, from Lelia, which came with Thanksgiving greetings.
and beautiful ephemera which was a blog giveaway win from Mary!
A wonderful package I ordered from Karla, which came beautifully adorned in a burlap bag with a bottle brush tree...
with a treasure inside: her beautiful light switch cover I'd admired in her home, which she was passing along as it didn't fit in her remodeled kitchen!
 A beautiful nutcracker ornament studded with fun realistic buttons from Donna and
a trio of sweet and frosty snowflake ornaments with buttons from Deb; these ladies sent ornaments as a thank you to me for hostessing the Christmas Ornament Swap on Button Floozies!

These are just some of the things that have arrived at my doorstep lately, and, believe me, I am counting my blessings!

Despite all this inspiration, I still can't seem to get on with my Christmas decorating.  How are you doing in the deck-the-halls department?


Kathy said…
Consider my hand raised!! I love that picture of The Thinker with the Santa hat. I feel kind of like that - LOL!
Anonymous said…
I am going to come over and steal those Christmas hand towels!
Annette said…
My tree is up but it's not decorated. I keep hoping the elves will come while I'm sleeping and the house will be festive and sparkly when I come down the stairs!

I enjoyed reading through your blog. I found you through Kathy at Kluless!
Anonymous said…
Behind is my middle name these days, Laurie. ;-) Your furry loves are adorable!

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