Curiosities Matchbox Swap

I had fun doing the Petite Inspiration Box Swap Curiosities Edition sponsored by Heather; I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but I do like the black and white, gothic theme.  We had to do two boxes for two different partners.  My partners were JoAnne and Cassie.  Here are some photos of the ones I sent:
for JoAnne

for Cassie

Here are the goodies I included for them:
I made a couple of tags
back of tags
glass and fabric buttons, baubles, and black cut outs
beadwork, lace, an antique barette, little yarn doll, and a "Tangee Rouge" antique make up tin for JoAnne
really cool old cards with Halloween-y motifs
lots of Dresden, old watch parts bottle, and vintage and antique scrap

bling, key, fountain pen nib, metal cigar label, game pieces
small ephemera repros from my originals
glitter in an antique jar, and other goodies for Cassie
cool little jar, top
a pair of cinnamon scented decorations, in a wax paper bag
I added a set of tiny cookie cutters for each of the gals -- they are so cute!
Here is the matchbox I received from JoAnne:
world's cutest matchbox with baby head!
filled with goodies!
wonderful matchbox with mirror decoration from Cassie
loads of wonderful stuff inside!
LOVE the soft gray velvet rickrack, the decorated spool, and the letter "L"
tiny decorated matchbox filled with wonderful buttons!
SWEET decorated salt shaker full of lovely beads!
If you get a chance to do a matchbox swap, I really encourage you to do so!


Marion said…
What a treasure trove, Laurie!! I've recently gotten into black & white scrapbooking (after reading "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern where the circus tent was black/white striped and all the performers wore black and white) and am having a blast with all the gorgeous black and white paper out there...(I add a touch of red for contrast). Thanks for sharing your bounty. xo
Unknown said…
After I do the button swap I am definaitely going to do a matchbox! I always loved "tiny" things as a kid and this brings all that back to me!
Maija said…
That's a great swap Laurie!!
Angela said…
It always amazes me the variety of things you come up with, to decorate with and to include as little gifts! I'm not a big fan of halloween either, but this looks like it was alot of fun! Beautiful job and beautiful gifts received in return!
What a great swap! I love the boxes you sent AND the ones you received. Lots of Halloween inspiration there!
Heidi said…
How fun! The boxes you did are very cool! I love the tags you did for them as well! That baby head box is hilarious and the mirror is inventive! So much fun stuff!

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