Spring fever

We've had a few days of sunshine and temps in the 50s and it's giving me Spring Fever, how about you?  I am so much more productive in weather like this!  Maybe because I'm thawed out or something.
I made a few more "three inchey" embellishments for my shop; they coordinate with the bird one I showed you a few days ago (upper right); they're now in my handmade shop.  I love making these!
I wasn't happy with some of the photos of my stuff in that shop, so I took a few minutes and redid them, like the one above.  I think it was a big improvement!

I've also lowered pillow prices and relisted them in the shop!  The one above is the Sunny Yellow Rose Pillow, and it really matches my mood!
 I also packed off and sent the two One World, One Heart gift packages to the winners...
I put the paper ephemera in these folders and the embellishments in these cool waxy envelopes, using Japanese washi tape on both.  I love that tape!  The winners have already received their gifts and were both happy with them!

I'm dying to get started on an Easter Swap I'm doing, but have been frustrated with the lack of vintage Easter stuff available, either online or in my local antique and thrift stores!  It's just a dry spell overall, as I've mentioned, and it isn't helping my Spring Fever!  Make me jealous and show me what you've been finding in the realm of Vintage Easter and Spring!

Oh, and I still haven't opened my sewing machine yet!  I'm still up to my eyeballs in other projects, including ongoing publicity stuff for my Button Society!  I'm also planning our Spring Break activities for a few weeks from now, and trying to organize my office/studio AGAIN so I can really use it like an office/studio!  Instead of using my dining room and kitchen tables.  (Can I get an "Amen"?)

Sigh.  Spring fever!


Anonymous said…
I am consumed with spring fever myself! I can't wait for more flowers and trees to bloom, longer days and fresh food from the garden.
Lydia said…
I love your little 3 " embellishments. Trying to get to your shops again, but my connection is being stupid 'standing still.'

Love your energy!

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