Friday finds

We all awoke this morning to terrible news about Japan -- and frightening stories of evacuations on my beloved west coast and the Hawaiian islands.  Stay safe out there, everyone.

Here are a few thrifty finds I've managed to scrounge together during this local "dry season":
This pretty Art Deco plate -- it is mint green around the edges, with stylized roses that are accented with gold paint.  It just said "Spring" to me!
This little basket made my heart go pitty-pat, with its beautiful Tiffany-blue color, and the fact it is new with tags!
It's even oval, almost egg shaped with its Easter egg-like coloring!
And, pristine inside!
I was attracted to everything that said "Spring"!
This sweet embroidered runner is going to go along the counter that separates my kitchen and family room; it's unusually long which is why I was attracted to it; I also can't resist this kind of softy-worn cotton.
This Pyrex plate has already gone into my Etsy shop; it has the very old backmark.  I love the etched flowers and vines.
Last but not least, this kitschy little Santa was in the "free" box when I ran into a favorite thrift store the other day to drop off some button flyers.  Hm.  Now that I look at it in the photo, it's kind of a scary Santa, huh?

What have you found?  To see what everyone else is finding, go visit Linda!



Angela said…
It's dry here too. Even my thrift shops let me down yesterday!! I'm hoping for better soon!
I agree it's been pretty dry at the thrifts! Still you did manage to find some fabulous finds. The sewing basket is really pretty! I love the table runner, I too love worn soft cotton! Thanks for joining JFF this week! hugs, Linda
Marion said…
OMG, I love that first plate. It's a work of art. Are you going to put it in your shop?? LOL!

Have a great weekend.


PS: Blogger likes you. You're one of the few blogs where I can post comments. Go figure!!
A Few Pennies said…
Love all your goodies--pretty photos too. I think next week will be everyone's luck Junkin' week and we'll all hit the bonanza for bargains! Great finds in your post.
gail said…
love all the aqua colors. especially the sewing basket!
Anonymous said…
That sewing basket is truly amazing. I just love the colors.
Unknown said…
i love the weave basket. loved the pastel color too:)

i am your newest follower at GFC.Pls do hop onto mine:)

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