Using your best stuff

We all have it: our best stuff.  The stuff we hoard and don't want to use up because it's too good.  The stuff it hurts to share, that we only share with our best buddies.  My friend Karla has exhorted us all to use our best stuff and then show what we did on her blog today.  I took on the challenge!
A year or so ago, I won a giveaway on the blog Where Women Create; it's this beautiful canvas of a Marie Antoinette-era gal, a limited edition by Sandra Evertson:
When she gave it to me, she said she thought it would look great with the edges wrapped in ribbon, and that started me thinking of a project.  But it's been a year and I've left it plain, afraid to ruin it.  I always knew if I did take the plunge and decorate it as I'd imagined, I would need to use some of my best stuff.
Like the beautiful, sparkly, Tiffany-blue rhinestone brooch.  And the triangle-shaped antique, embroidered collar.  And the Venise-lace embellishment.  And my favorite vintage seam binding in the beautiful blues, plus the silk hand-dyed by Patricia Winters.  And the pink millinery netting from Linda Sue.
I'm really glad I did!  (I just wish it were sunny out so I could show you a better photo!)
I think she approves.
Thanks, Karla, for the fun!  See all the other good-stuff projects here.


What a wonderful thing to win! And you did it proud, too.
Wow, I love this canvas. I too did her good stuff challenge. You can see what I came up with also if you click to my blog. I also used some old bling jewelry. My url didn't work right on Karla's link party. Come check it out. I love yours! I also wanted to say, that anytime you are ready, I have your matchbox done and I still have your mailing address!
Unknown said…
Oh Laurie, I LOVE it!! You did a perfect job! I love the jewel you used, the colors are stunning. Perfection :)
Jeanie said…
I am SURE she would love it! I hope you share your link with her!

I won a wonderful china doll head in one of her drawings which I love, peeking out of the box in which it came in my room on my inspiration shelf. I really wanted to do something with that, but just couldn't find a worthy enough idea. But I'm motivated to try!
Lena said…
I love the color of that ribbon. It's so pretty, and your additions to your Marie Antoinette are very thoughtful. I think she would approve, indeed!

Thank you for participating in the "good stuff" challenge.

Oh, wow. You did a wonderful job enhancing this great image with some stuff that, I must say, I don't know I would have the courage to actually use. As opposed to, yeah, just patting it occasionally. Thank you for visiting my page, too.
Holly Moore said…
Oh my goodness, you have SO done it justice with your good stuff. Perfectly embellished. It's gorgeous!
Suz said…
Really gorgeous! I love the ribbons and brooch you decorated it with. You did it justice!
Angela said…
That canvas print was pretty before, and after your touch, it is now a treasure! I really love the brooch, and the netting! :o)
Beth Leintz said…
I totally know what you mean- the Marie picture is so beautiful I'd really have to push myself to embellish it- but you did a great job- perfect, lush details.
kluless said…
It turned out just beautiful. I can only imagine how hard it was to use that broach! Bravo to you!!
Recycled Rita said…
I love it! I bet you will be so glad you added the embelishment, it is like getting a new piece of art! karen.....
She looks beautiful and I am sure that the artist would just applaud you for adding some of you to the art.

LuLu Kellogg said…
Jaw-dropping Gorgeous Laurie!
Storybook Woods said…
I understand your fear but it turned out smashing!!! Clarice
Hi Laurie,
Very good!! Looks beautiful to me!!
Celeste The Victorian Tailor, (Good Stuff on blog list)
Judy said…
How lucky to win that canvas! And it looks simply gorgeous with all your embellishments. I would have been hard pressed to add anything to it either. But you did a great job!

Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
Oh Laurie! You did such a beautiful job. She is simply stunning.
Anonymous said…
It is a beautiful canvas and you did do it proud. Your additions make it sparkle.

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