Happy corned beef and cabbage day!

I never have good luck when I cook corned beef and cabbage, do you?
I guess I just don't get the timing right; my potatoes will be too mushy or the cabbage will overcook...and I can never find a good corned beef to begin with!
So, this year it will be deli corned beef sandwiches, on good bread, and cabbage steamed on the side, with potato chips!
These are some photos of paper art I made for St. Patrick's Day, long since sold, and I'm so happy to have photos of them!
I've been trying to get to the grocery store for the last two days and something has come up each time to prevent me!  The cupboards are bare.  So I'm off to do that now; 'just wanted to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, first!


Anonymous said…
Laurie, your artwork is beautiful! I can see why they all sold. I have never even tried to make corned beef and cabbage because I'd hate to ruin a good thing! Deli corned beef sounds delicious! Hope you have a happy St Patrick's Day filled with many blessings!
barb cabot said…
Happy St. Paddys Day Laurie! I like the sound of your menu! Enjoy!
Unknown said…
I make corned beef and cabbage and I am pretty good at it.....even though I am not an irish girl.....
Happy st Patricks day!
Lydia said…
Love the dog in little grenn cap! What a find!

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