In case you hadn't heard...

...sign ups for Silver Bella 2011 begin on April 1!  That's about 2 weeks away, my dears!

Me, Teresa McFayden, and Suzanne at the Vendor Fair, Silver Bella 2010

I am planning to be there!  Will you?

Okay...on to Friday Finds!  This time, instead of complaining about the lack of stuff in my thrift stores, I'm going to show you some wonderful stuff I got at an antique store closing sale a couple of weeks ago; everything was marked down at least 50% so it was thrifty, indeed!
What's not to love about this little mirrored shelf?  Each of the shelves folds up , too.  I love the shape of the mirror!  And, you can't see it too well in this photo, but at the bottom is a towel rack; it was probably originally for a bathroom, but I'm going to put it in my blue and white bedroom.
A gorgeous piece of architectural detail!  I adore the painted green.  It's about the size of a book; no, I'm not sure what to do with it yet but I know I'll find something fun!
Speaking of books, I adore these antiques -- each more than 100 years old -- with their beautiful covers that will become journal covers down the line!
More odds and ends: ephemera, notions, and some vintage netting my friend Jeanelle shared with me from her purchases!
Lastly, I bought a modern peat pot decorated for Spring, as well as a very old American pot with the most charming bow design!
There are some beautiful buttons tucked into that peat pot, too!  Despite the bounty, I was actually extremely disappointed by the fact that the store was already very picked over by those who'd heard it was closing before I did!  I will mourn the loss of this place; so newly discovered, and too soon gone.

I'm linking up with Linda's Friday Finds!  Go see what everyone else found!



Wonderful finds! I hate when someplace closes like that. At least you were able to get a few bargains. Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda
Great finds... love the antique books.
A Few Pennies said…
I had to look at all your treasures a couple of times--I'm really liking that planter! Sweet things you found.
Anonymous said…
I'm so, so, so excited about Silver Bella! (And I love those books you found!)
Ms. Bake-it said…
I love the antique books! Great finds!

~ Tracy
Linda Sue said…
Is the little bow pot considered cream ware? I have loads of cream ware- went through a well as Weller sea foam green- couldn't pass it up.
I am not sure I understand what silver bella is all about but it does look like too much fun!
Did you get your new sewing machine up and running? Do you know where I can find a simple,basic, non computerized sewing machine? I had an old Kenmore but gave it away when I got this new fangled Pfaff ( which disappoints me no end)...I don't need all complications, just forward , backward and zig zag.
Great finds, Ms. Laurie- you will make such fabulous journals with the book covers! I SO love the one you made for me!Everyone does!
Anonymous said…
Let me say first that you take the cutest pictures. You are so photogenic!

I love these finds and as you know I am a vintage book lover. Wow! Great job.
Micki said…
The journal books are lovely. I love to make them, and those would make lovely covers for sure.
Heidi said…
Was just talking about Silver Bella today ~ what a fun time it is!
Anonymous said…
Lovely finds!

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