A short break from paperwork...

I've been to the gym and need to get back to finishing up that tax paperwork for our appointment.  When they called to confirm the appointment, I discovered it is Friday, not Thursday, but I'm pretending it's tomorrow anyway so I won't procrastinate...
which, by the way, these little Post-it notes that I got from Angela are really helping me with! Staying on track, I mean.  Are you like me, where you tell yourself you MUST do something today, and then you get to the end of the day and you got sidetracked so many different times that you did everything but that one thing?

BUT before I get back to work I wanted to share some happiness that arrived in the mail for me this week!  I won this during the One World, One Heart event:
It's a gorgeous little altered box, made by Nicky, and it came all the way from England!  I can tell that Nicky knows her stuff, because it looks soooo professionally decoupaged and finished -- a real work of art, and just my style, too!
I was thrilled to have been chosen to receive it -- especially because it was an "extra" gift that she added on because she had reached 400 entries!  And speaking of "extra" -- Nicky included this amazing little extra present inside the box...
This little bag charm, hand beaded with wonderful glass and gemstone beads.  I'm thrilled with it!  Thank you so much, Nicky!  You can visit her at her website, The Altered Inker!
The very next day after I received Nicky's gift, I received the other OWOH gift I won this year!  It's from Lois -- look how it's wrapped in vintage wrapping paper!  She also included a card with a lovely photo that she says is the view across from her house, lucky girl!
It's a set of these AMAZING pencils -- watercolor and inktense -- made by Derwent!  They are the nicest artist tools I've ever owned!
They also came with a blank sketchbook!  Can you tell I'm excited about where these might take me and my art?  I can't wait to try them!  Thank you so much, Lois!  Lois lives in Massachusetts, and her blog is Birds, Flowers and Crafts.

I am so blessed by everyone's generosity!

Since that dog I posted yesterday (which, by the way, is not my own, but only a dog photo I found online and thought appropriate) was so popular, I'm going to leave you with this video I found today of this AMAZING POOCH to make you smile again:
Be sure your sound is turned on to hear the great accompanying music!


Anonymous said…
You lucky, lucky lady! What fabulous wins.
Minxy said…
I'm glad you are happy with your prize x
andrea creates said…
wow, lots of fun prizes!
love the post it note too-what a good idea :)
Alyssa said…
Love those post-it notes! And what charming prizes. :) Sounds like you'll be busy with those pencils.
Anonymous said…
Oh! That box! And those pencils! What fun!
Good for you. My taxes are still looming over me!

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