Northern finds of the thrifty kind

There are slim pickings for antiques and thrift shops in the Glenwood Springs area, but when I was there over last weekend I found some in nearby Carbondale and here are some of my fun finds:
A pink enamel mini candelabra!  It is decorated as if it were part of long-ago wedding decor.  I love it!  I also picked up some buttons at that thrift store I blogged about earlier.
A vintage hat, which I freely admit I intend to pull apart for its flowers!  I love the lime green!
Who can resist a puppy with a big bow peeking over a fence?  This runner, with its sweet pink edging, has the puppy embroidered on both sides.
Here's an old, strip-quilted piece of fabric; it's about big enough to make into a pillow.  Below, a view of the back.
This kitty is the creme-de-la-creme; it's a piece of antique crochet lace from Spain that was originally marked $60!  I found it at the one antique store I went to.
Now, if you know me, you know I didn't pay that for it.
In fact, I thought it was out of my price range at 50% off, or $30.
But, the nice lady at the shop made me a deal, so it came home with me.
It was a splurge!
 Okay...I'm a bit off topic here...I know I'm supposed to be talking about thrifty finds!
(She also gave me that big piece of rose fabric behind it...for free!  You can't beat that for thrifty!)
The above books came from a Habitat for Humanity thrift store -- $2 each!
 They are full...
 of beautiful...
and fun old pictures -- especially the pirate-themed book!

If you're reading this on Friday, I'm working as a clerk during the Colorado State Button Society's Annual Show Competition!  I will come home full of new button knowledge!

I'm joining a new Friday Finds link party with Diann!

Go visit to see more fun thrifty finds!  Tell Diann I sent ya!


I love all your finds, but totally agree about those green flowers! Fabulous!
Diann said…
Oh great finds Laurie! Love the flowers on the hat. They will be fun to use elsewhere. what a wonderful quilt to find! Thank you so much for joining me on my first TTF party! Hope to see you again next week! Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
As usual you have the most amazing finds. And everyone is allowed a splurge now and then. I know it was still a deal.
I love the old books and hope you share more pages with us. (I adore pirates.)

You are turning me a shade of green that you are at the button competition. PLEASE bring back stories and pictures.
A Few Pennies said…
Great things you found; loving those pretty flowers on that hat--will make some awesome projects. Have a great weekend. Patty
You really found some deals this week. Love the flowers on the hat and those old books are amazing. My fav is the sweet dog on the dresser scarf! SO CUTE! hugs, Linda
Angela said…
You find such great things! I love the little quilted piece of fabric -- can't wait to see the pillow you make from it!
Lydia said…
Love the embroidered puppy piece! So very cute:)

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