Spring break fun

We took a trip to Glenwood Springs with our friends and some of their family, who make us feel welcome as if we are related, too.
For the first day or so, it felt like all we did was EAT!
And drive!
But eventually we got on to the important stuff: skiing!
 Except for me - I don't ski.  I shopped! 
One store had a binder full...
of buttons!  How funny is that?
I haven't had a chance to photograph what I bought, yet.
We also went to the Hot Springs!  I didn't take photos there, but others did so I'll try to get a hold of some to show you.
I came home sick with a rotten cold.
But I don't want to dwell on that...I'd rather remember the beautiful scenery.
Sunlight mountain
and the fun
and the friendship!
I hope you're having a great Spring Break!


andrea creates said…
looks like you all had fun! i don't ski either so i'd have probably been shopping for buttons and goodies as well ;)
Anonymous said…
What a fabulous trip! Your photos are wonderful, Laurie.
Linda Sue said…
Oh Laurie, I do hope that you do not have what I had for three weeks! My ear is still deaf and throat edgy...There is nothing you can do but sleep! Be well, eat soup and have some body else walk the dogs....

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