What I've been making lately

Amidst all the post-Silver Bella posting, I haven't mentioned what I've been making lately, so I will remedy that now!

The first order of business on the weekend before Thanksgiving was to finish up these day-of-the-week dishtowels a friend of mine had ordered; she's giving them as a Christmas gift.  I do enjoy sewing them!

She also ordered 10 tags to use as bookmarks.  She wanted them to be flat so they could go in a book, and she wanted them with literary themes.  So, I made a couple of Jane Austens, a Wonderland, some Little Women, and then some of pretty women a la Eyre, Wuthering Heights, etc.  (I got some of the pretty ladies  from a project in Artist Class.)

This was a western theme -- my favorite of all of them, I think; on the reverse, a lady riding side-saddle.

I have hardly begun Christmas decorating; the tree is up and lit, but no ornaments yet.   I'm the only one on the block who still has her pumpkin on the porch!

However, I did get out my beautiful old ornaments and play with them.  I had just bought a pretty little red jewelry box at the thrift store, and so I piled it with my tiniest, fragile, old ornaments and some vintage corsages.

All that pretty stuff will stay there in the box unless/until I find something else I want to do with it (besides just drool over it!) this season.

Then, I decorated a tiny silver tree I bought at a yard sale this summer:

More beautiful, old, grungy ornaments...

some so delicate you can almost see through them!  I finally found some old mercury glass garland trim, too!

 I *love* this pink glass star pick!

Look at the cap on this old one!

I've been loving those kitschy old plastic nativity sets, too, lately!

Then, on Monday I gathered up all those ornaments I was buying up this summer at estate and garage sales...

decided which to sell, which to keep, and then with the rest I made myself one of those ornament wreaths!

 I added some vintage Christmas picks, too..

I love it!

What have you been making lately?

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You have been a busy gal! I love the jewelry box with the old and fragile ornaments. What a clever way to display them. I have one tree up (my girly tree) but will put up my other big tree today. I have thought about making a wreath with ornaments. I'm so not crafty but want to try!
Jingle said…
Everything looks so wonderful! Those dish towels are the cutest ever!
Anonymous said…

I like the ornament jewels in the box. Can be the center of a wonderful display.
Marion said…
What a festive post. The hand towels are just gorgeous. I'm a cat lover.

In a magazine last week I saw a pretty jar filled with old christmas bulbs. Now I'm hunting down my old Christmas lights to copy it.

Beautiful post! Blessings!
Wendy said…
Laurie you have been a busy bee. I love the redwork towels and the bookmarks. Your Christmas wreath is to die for! I love it! I have one of the large silver trees with the light that sits on the floor that I decorate with cartoon characters every yr. Your small one is lovely.
Linda Sue said…
busy, creative, fabulous YOU!!!
Bunty said…
Goodness, you have been busy Laurie! You put me to shame - I have been making - a big fat NOTHING! I have started a couple of things but that's all - started. I seem to then get in a slump and can't seem to finish anything. I must get going and fast.

You must be so organised getting your christmas decorations up - maybe we will get our's down from the attic this weekend.

Love your beautiful tags and napkins.

Barbara :)
Alyssa said…
Oh Laurie! I adore the redwork and especially those bookmarks. I'm a bookworm and seeing those makes my heart glad.
Lilbitbrit said…
I picked up a discarded library book on Red Stitch Work and always thought I'd have a go. The Tea Towels look great.

Lil Bit Brit
Christine said…
Wow, you have been busy lately! The wreath is stunning!!!
Birgit said…
The western bookmark is my favorite, too -- I simply love the Old West. :)

Your Christmas ornaments are wonderful -- thanks for sharing the photos.
Micki said…
I love everything, but esp. the tags. The western tag is my favorite!
billi said…
Love the tag bookmarks, the ornaments and wreath. The vintage tree is GREAT. I have the one from my hon's grandma and am using it this year. Would love to get some of those ornaments if you have any available. Thanx for sharing!!
Lydia said…
Love the kitty embroidery!! So very cute!
Angela said…
I am so glad you made yourself a wreath! I would leave mine out year round, if I had my own craft room! (My sewing/computer area is part of the living room)
Dianne said…
This is such a beautiful post. I love the different ways you have displayed the baubles. In particular the wreath. Lovely.
Connie said…
I love vintage ornaments. My favorite tag is the western one also.
Betty said…
I love the day of the week dishtowels. I have one with Mama Bear going shopping. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. Wow, you really raked in the ornaments this year. They're very pretty.
Georgia Peachez said…
I do love your wreath because I just can't get enought of those you know!
xo, suzy
pineapple_ing said…
Oh, days of my youth! Your vintage Christmas ornaments bring back fond memories of days gone by. Love how you've used them for a wreath. Nice job on the tags and your tea-towel kitties are nicely done and remind me of my own stitching I need to get to. I've bought some nice kits from Bird Brain Design. (NAYY) Just love there designs.

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