Blissfully crafting

Tomorrow's the last day to enter my giveaway celebrating my 2 year Blogaversary and 500 posts!  Details here.

After some Christmas shopping, decorating, and cleaning this week, I needed a day to rest.  So I spent some time yesterday crafting:

This pillow was made with many elements from Linda Sue's generosity; the fabric is vintage Waverly, and everything else is old, too!

Beautiful old printed ribbon with pink roses, and pearly buttons!

I love how it came out; it's a gift for a friend (no worries -- she doesn't read my blog!)

A while back I bought a necklace made from an old watch case at A Paris Street Market; I loved the case and the beading, but after a while I decided I didn't love the insides, so I changed them:

Barbara might recognize her ATC paper is the background, on top of which I added vintage millinery flowers, a tidbit of lace, some of the original gold leaves that came with the piece, and a unique little figurine.  The little lady made of porcelain is something I picked up at an antique fair recently; the seller told me the figurines were made to be put into Mardi Gras (King) cakes.  I just loved the look of her!  I tied it off with a piece of red and white "42" ribbon I got from my Silver Bella trim swap.

Speaking of jewelry, last night I had a chance to sit down and shorten the bracelet I made at Silver Bella in the Josephine's Jewels class; it made me itch to get to work on the kit to make the matching necklace, so I slipped my husband a hint about how nice it would be to have a set of three jewelry-making pliers.

This past summer I picked up this little old letterpress stamp with Christmas bells, and now I simply tied antique tartan ribbon around it to make a cute holiday decoration!

Another pillow made from vintage linen -- this time, a newer Waverly blue/white fabric covered over with a vintage, monogrammed, crochet-edged towel:

Again, it's for a friend who doesn't read my blog, and, while she likes antiques a bit, she doesn't sew or craft.  She as a blue and white room in her house (like me!) so I created it as a special treat.

I used glass buttons and some crazy quilt stitching; I hope she likes it!

Your turn: tell me what you've been creating (if it's not a secret!)


Jingle said…
Oh, that necklace is absolutely amazing! How gorgeous!!!! Everything is great!
Bunty said…
I love your pillow - it's so pretty with the lovely fabric and lace - your friend will be delighted I'm sure.

I thought the paper looked familiar in your French watch case necklace! It goes very well. Thanks for mentioning me in your post! The necklace is beautiful.

Barbara :)
Linda Sue said…
Lovely upon lovely! I am just drooling here- you so know how to put things together in the best possible way. What a talent you have- what an eye for what pleases!
I am all glittery nonsense today-= must get out the broom- my husband is going to work all shiny and sparkly. not acceptable.He's a MAN!
Connie said…
This must be the pillow you were talking about yesterday. Pretty!
Tammy said…
Love the watchcase necklace and the pillow is beautiful!
Betty said…
You get more done in a day than I do in a week. Those pillows are precious.
I love those pillows, what lucky friends you have;-) The pocket watch necklace is gorgeous. I can really appreciate the thought and imagination that goes into these treasures.
Wendy said…
Love the necklace!
Anonymous said…
I am honored to be your 200th follower! Great job on the necklace!!!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
laurie, you are the busiest crafty lady i know
Christine said…
I really love your pillow!! You always do such a beautiful job on them. I'm sure the ladies will love them.

I've been making tags, tags, and more tags. Then I'm going to get back to working on my ornaments!
MsAnomaly said…
Laurie, I love your craftiness! My favorites are the first two - the pillow is just gorgeous and the necklace with the little figure is so unique! The Etsy Beagles team has been crafty, too! We are holding our team challenge/blog giveaway now. Check out the entries here:
Micki said…
That pillow is out of this world.
Such delicate handiwork!

Happy blogoversary :)
Laura Lofgreen said…
So gorgeous and happy blogday. Visit me at
Angela said…
You've been busy! I love that first pillow! And the decoration made out of the old stamp! Very clever!

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