Christmas puttering

It's Christmas week!  Ben is on break from school so I'm looking forward to some relaxing days between now and Christmas Eve.  We're pretty well finished with all that must be done, so, besides planning and shopping for Christmas dinner, some baking, and delivering gifts to friends, we'll just be puttering.

Speaking of friends and gifts, I have to show you some things I've been gifted from blogging friends:

Lori Anderson sent me this vintage alphabet book with the most adorable illustrations!

Angela sent me the gift of a tiny quilted pillow made from the same beautiful fabric she used on my large quilt, along with these cute little hot pads!

The little quilted hot pads have tiny magnets in the tips, so you can hang them on the 'fridge!

Speaking of little quilts, you have to see these beautiful crazy quilted Christmas stockings that have been a part of my holiday decor for years now!

They're made by Linda, my favorite eBay seller, from little Christmas hankies with mother of pearl buttons, lace, and crazy quilt stitching!

This year, I've decided to try my hand at replicating one; so, I purchased some vintage stockings from the thrift store to use as the base, and I'm going to begin working on them this week.  I'll let you know how they come out!

I've also been working on more little ephemera journals, like the one, above, I gifted to a dear friend here in town.  She said she loved the cover, made from a vintage book cover embellished with antique scrap, because of the girl in the fur-lined coat like one she had as a child, with the border collie that reminded her of her dear pet, now in doggie heaven.

The German scrap and book pages reminded her of time she spent living in Germany; it's so fun to make one of these books for someone you know well so you can add in all these little elements to delight them!


I've also been making a few little things like this button pillow, one of two I made for button club Christmas party gift exhanges:

I have made a few more things that, of course, I can't show until they've been gifted!  Which reminds me: please plan to join my linky party after Christmas, where you can Show us your Best Handmade items of 2010!


Oh my goodness, you have been so busy! I love the pillow and those books are amazing. Such sweet gifts from friends. This time of year is just the best!
Oh I just love visiting your blog and catching up.
Linda Sue said…
OMG- I am getting sweetness overload from your post- the illustrations are way too cute- WAY! and the stitching and tatting on the second christmas sock is just too endearing and lovely! My eyes are screaming at me to look at something less appealing just for relief...can only take so much, you understand-
Having Ben home is the best part! I SO miss those days- just hanging out with the kid... Thinking of you- wishing you best wishes ever! LOVExxxooo
andrea creates said…
you've certainly been busy! these are great-love the squirrels too :)
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
love the stockings and that book rocks. Nothing is better than an old book, except a journal made from an old book!
Christine said…
Oh, I really love your ephmera journal! It's beautiful!!! Love all your beautiful handmade items!

I'm trying to decide what handmade item I'll be sharing at your party!!! I can't wait to see what everyone else shares!
Bunty said…
You have been busy again Laurie! I love your little Christmas stockings and your beautiful journal and pillows. You must have some great thrift shops where you are!

I wish I had time for some puttering - we have unprecedented snowfall here in the UK just now for the second time in a month and it has brought the UK to a standstill with well below freezing temperatures, just in the run up to Christmas - it's chaos everywhere and so inconvenient. We had to go
and do our big Christmas grocery shop today as our pre-arranged delivery was cancelled due to snow!
Anonymous said…
What a delightful post. I love your journals and stockings. Can't wait to see your replica stocking!
Lea said…
thanks for dropping by my blog. i ADORE your sweet journal and gorgeous little pillow too. I can't wait to see your best of handmade...staying tuned!

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