Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Romantic Cottage Christmas weekend

Rebecca and I jetted off to Kansas City to visit Karla and shop at West Bottoms during the first weekend of December.
Later, we decided that we had actually gone to visit Christmas.
Seriously, that is what it felt like to be at Karla's!
Warm, smiling faces and beauty everywhere you look!  New friends, and favorite friends!

Rebecca and Karla looking cute in front of the tree...
We each created three ornament projects from Karla's kits:
 It was so fun to make this little stuffed stocking, Lady's Lacy Stocking
And here it is finished, stuffed with the bottle brush tree, tiny wrapped gift, and vintage Christmas decor!
Angel tree topper or ornament -- On Gilded Wings
It's skirt is layers of vintage materials, including a wedding veil.
 For its base, we chose a piece of wallpaper from Karla's collection -- mine was this pale pink "atomic" styled pattern...
I really loved it and ended up using scraps from the same piece on other projects while I was creating in Karla's studio -- you'll see...
The first thing I did after getting home was put my angel on top of our tree! But I'm getting ahead of myself.
 The third project was this ornament featuring a tart tin and a tiny frozen Charlotte...
and a pendant dangle with a BEAUTIFUL rhinestone embellishment
Karla called it Angel Pie.
We were treated to a beautiful and delicious sit down lunch...
 in her dining room.

 Individual chicken pot pies!
With this fabulous home made chocolate cake for dessert!  That's Shana in the background, looking every bit as excited as I was to have some cake.

 I could not get over the pink poinsettias!
When we finished our 3 projects we just hung out in the studio with Karla and played with some of the extras she provided...
Like these tags I made from a fabulous scrap of stripey wallpaper and vintage goodies! And a couple of sparkly cards...
and another tag...
and these sweet spools using some of Karla's tiny bottle brush trees...and that wallpaper I loved!
I'm planning to glue ornament clips to the bottom of the spools.
Karla shared so much beautiful stuff, and clever techniques with us.
  But it was just so wonderful to be there, cozy and chatting with Karla and playing with her sweet little doggies when they came to visit...
 and admiring everything beautiful...
in every nook and cranny!

We had such a lovely day.  Of course we did -- we visited Christmas, aka Karla's Cottage!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter Wonderland Holiday Snippet Roll swap

Mercedes received my snippet roll for our Winter Wonderland Holiday Snippet Roll Swap and I couldn't wait to show you!  I had to work very hard to stick to the "neutral" theme but I managed to do it by adding some pale pink here and there:
I didn't get a photo of the whole 12" length (snippet rolls are hard to photograph) but here is the top section -- vintage Father Christmas.
And the bottom section -- winter angel.  I used a beaded fringe for fun at the bottom, beneath those little winter white crochet bells I love so much!
I like the way the hand stitching gives it a shabby look!
Normally I do a snippet roll wrapped around a spool; but this one was rather wide and instructions were to use a spool or some other kind of fastener, so I did this brooch instead.  To the brooch's base of stone and metal, I made a tiny wreath from vintage tinsel and decorated it with a beautiful bauble. It can be pinned to fabric, or the brooch can be used a picture hanger.
I have some catching up to do here with you all, friends -- I haven't even had a chance to gush about my weekend in Kansas City/visit to Karla's yet, and you will love the photos!  She has some up on her blog if you can't wait.
I really like this photo Karla took of me last Friday: first, because I'm wearing my glasses and don't think I have any other photos of me in my glasses. Secondly, because I love my little stocking creation that I'm holding.  And lastly because I'm wearing some of my favorite jewelry from artist friends, a necklace from Maggie and earrings by Betsy.  All things considered, I took fewer photos at Karla's and more at West Bottoms; I think you will enjoy them all though.  And I have decorated the house and have those photos to show you!  So much beauty and fun, so little time to blog!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Button Floozies White Christmas Button Book Swap with Deb

Finally, I have a chance to show you the White Christmas button book I swapped with Deb!   This is the front...

 Again, the beautiful images on muslin are from The Little Pink Studio.

(I took most of my photos before I bound the book, thus the rough inner edges.)

 a vintage brooch

  Vintage carded buttons under sheer fabric.

 This is the back:
And here is the lovely book I received from Deb;
She sent it along with some vintage treats that she knew I would love: 
Deb's book was enclosed in this pretty fabric pouch...
with this sweet bird nest detail!
The book closed with a tie and that was attached with a rhinestone pin -- how lovely is it?

 A lovely pocket that held vintage button cards...
 And this vintage millinery berry bundle!
 Deb incorporated so many layers of fabrics and textures.

 This is the back...
with one final gorgous button!
I love my book from Deb!
So...that is it for me for the button book swap; still plenty more to see on Button Floozies, though!