When the dogs are away...

This past Friday I took my wonderful dogs to "the spa", aka the groomer, for a much-needed bath and freshening up.  The groomer's in town, so instead of driving back home while they were away, I decided to stay in town and shop -- including visiting some thrift stores!

Maggie says, "You know what's coming, don't you?"

Snoopy says, "She's going to try to blame it on us!"

I will admit it: I am obsessed.  Obsessed with vintage Christmas stuff!  I can't stay away from the Christmas tables at the thrift stores, and then I come away with stuff like this:

I bought these little elves with their "Japan" stickers intact to sell, but when I got them home they worked their mischief on me so now they live on top of my electric fireplace.

I love and collect vintage Vera, so even though I only found one of these sweet Christmas napkins -- I'll cherish it!

These long ones are a bit younger than most I buy, yet are made by Larisa, which, the box notes, is a Shiny Brite company.

People keep asking me where I find the vintage ornaments.  I've found that they are often overlooked and/or undervalued at estate sales, which is where I've found about half of my collection.  The rest I've found mixed among the typical, newer ornaments at thrift stores.

Sometimes, I'll have to buy a big bag of plain ornaments like the one above...

just to get these two little treasures hiding among them.

It's close enough to Christmas now that the bag was marked 50% off, so I paid $1.49 for all the ornaments in that bag; this antique glass creation was well worth that to me!

Here's another example of a "grab bag" full of vintage Christmas picks,which make fun fodder for vintage decor!
This time, I also grabbed up this bag of flower-making picks; someone was trying to create poinsettias and the like from scratch.  I know I'll have some fun with all of this, much more than I deserve for the 99 cents it cost!

Want to see what others are thrifting?  Click on these links on Monday and Tuesday!


In the thrifts I've bought a bag of ornaments to get a few treasures. Love the elf's I would keep them also. Merry Christmas.
Anonymous said…
Laurie! I'm getting ready to mail the ornaments from my Birthday Giveaway...could you email me your address at: abidinginthetruevine@gmail.com? THANKS!!

Anonymous said…
Your dogs are so sweet. Wow! What incredible finds.
GoodyGirlRed said…
I've never seen vintage Vera Christmas linens--very cool!
Christine said…
I love when you share your thrifty finds--especially the Christmas stuff!!! I'm in love with those elves!
You did really great here...love those cute elves and that VERA napkin! Wishing you and your family a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Donnie said…
I appreciate the information you give on vintage items. Really helps one know what they're looking at. You had some lovely finds. Have a Merry Christmas.

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