Show us your Best Handmade 2010

Welcome to Show us your Best Handmade of 2010 -- a look back on your creative year.  I hope you will blog about what you've created that you loved the best, and link back here to share the beauty!

It really is hard to choose just one thing, isn't it?  But I think that this is what I made that I like best:

I found this bird "plaque" at a thrift store, where it looked like this:

I just really liked the shape and size of it, and decided it had potential if painted.  So I painted it all white.  But then it looked too "flat" to me.  So then I added color on the flowers.

I used some of my Silver Bella skills to paint, shade, and "antique" the piece.

It still needed I added the collar and the crown, and glittered and embellished it with something like abandon (another Silver Bella-learned skill!)

I was doing all this during the week after Thanksgiving, and it enjoyed working on it more than I can say.  I guess that's why it's my favorite handmade piece of 2010!  Today, I was happy to give it as a gift to my Silver Bella buddy, Suzanne.  I'm thrilled to report that she loved it, too!

Okay: your turn!  Upload a link to your Best Handmade of 2010 using the linky tool below, between now and January 2!  and don't forget to leave me a comment on this post, too! I can't wait to see yours!


Wendy said…
I see why you chose this, it is absolutely beautiful.....
Suz said…
Amazing transformation!

andrea creates said…
the bird plaque looks great... i can see why it's a fave!
i added a link of one of mine-you're right, it's hard to choose ;)
Angela said…
I just added my link -- I think my favorite project this year was the Birthday Quilts for my triplets. I can't believe they turned 13!
Thanks for a fun way to look back on the year! :o)
Anonymous said…
You wouldn't even know it was the same plague! Stunning transformation.
Robin said…
Hi Laurie, I just added what I found to be my funnest project this year.. I made this recipe box for my sister Roxie and she absolutely loved it. She loves anything and everything Marie A. So I posted that project. Hope you like.. :)
Hi Laurie! Happy Almost New Year, and many thanks for being one of my favorite blogging/crafty/FB friends! I can't wait to visit everyone else's post, and especially love how you used a "more is more" approach with the bird plaque! What a treasure you created!

Anonymous said…
Happy New Year, Laurie! I'm so glad that I met you at Silver Bella! (And thanks for letting me know that the ornament arrived never know this time of year!;-))

Lydia said…
Love the bird, Laurie!
We also missed the snow. And I am usually in the same spirit as you, wanting the snow. But, I have decided to not want any big snow 'til I can get a snow blower....haha

Glad to hear that your Christmas was great. And I pray you have a blessed New Year also.

I did not post the link, but have recently posted a painting and some dolls that I did like a lot.The painting was made in 2010, but the china head dolls go back to 2008. Even so....

all my best-xoxoxo Lydia

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