What I shop for when I *should* be Christmas shopping...

Well, it's Monday morning and my tree is only partially decorated; my living room is still covered with boxes of Christmas decor, my cards haven't been written much less sent...and here I am at the computer.  That's how much I love you guys!

Seriously, I did do some Christmas shopping last Tuesday and bit more yesterday (but only a bit!)  But, I was more attracted to the Holiday Open Houses and all the bargains at the thrift and antique stores this weekend.  Is anybody with me on this?

Here's what I picked up:

For actual use, I found these beautiful soft antique leather gloves, with black and white cross stitches.  They fit, well, like a glove!  Hooray for the smaller hands of yesteryear!

Here is a beautiful robin's nest needlepoint that will become a lovely pillow.

Beautiful, beautiful handmade lace -- the piece on the left is about 4 feet long and 10" wide; the folded piece on the right is torn from a tablecloth, I think, so I won't mind cutting it up for pillows!

This little pillow came in a gold box and is a souvenir from Brussels...

or so it says on the tag, which I think is the real prize here!

Then I was tickled to find these two pieces of ephemera; on the right, that wonderful green embossed cover on a tablet of daisy "very exquisite stationery."  Next to it, a black leather ledger...

I *love* how the owner left page 1 blank -- that is so something I would have done, too!

And then from page 2 on, they all look like this, monthly entries beginning September, 1923.

 More pretty lace, this time roses and daisies in a row, and then an antique advertising and calling card.

Cones for thread, that will become a craft -- just wait and see!

Here's a sweet match holder -- I love these anyway, but especially in this color!

 A gorgeous celluloid soap container, marked Paris.

And who can resist an old pocketwatch for $5?  Then, since Silver Bella I have a special place in my heart for Silver Bells, and this one is inscribed "Merry Christmas" and has that shabby red silk bow!

Okay, time to pay some attention to that Christmas tree.  Remember, for the rest of this week you can comment for an entry in my Blogaversary Giveaway!  Click here for more details!

I'm joining up this morning and tomorrow with these linky parties!  Go visit for more thrifty finds!


Alyssa said…
Laurie, that lace on the right is really gorgeous! Also the soap container - don't you just wish they put all soap in containers like that? And no way would I have passed up that pocket watch. That's a real steal!
Anonymous said…
Much better than Christmas shopping online or in a mass merchandiser.

Thanks for sharing with those of us who did not get to do such interesting shopping this weekend.
Vanessa said…
Excellent finds, I love finding craft supplies!
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
very awesoem finds laurie.
Jingle said…
Oh, I can see how these are distracting! I LOVE those cones!!!
Bunty said…
I love the paper cones - I am really into cones at the moment and have just been searching for a template to make some from sheet music. You could do something beautiful with those cones! I also love the tablecloth lace, journal pages and advertising card - such finds on a Monday morning. Enjoy them Laurie!

Barbara :)
Tammy said…
Great stuff! Isn't that what Christmas shopping is for? You get a couple gifts for someone and then find lots of great deals for yourself! Can't wait to see what you do with the cones and the lace!
Angela said…
Ha - I would've done the same thing in that journal - leave page 1 blank! :o)
You find such amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing!
You have really found some awesome fun stuff! Love the journal also...how cool is that.
Christine said…
Your finds always amaze me! Love all the lace!!!
So many neat treasures...love the vintage lace and those cones...well I could have some fun with them:) Thanks for coming to my party...hope you have a fun time here.

Betty said…
Ooh, you found some really nice things. I especially like the celluloid soap box and the silver bell. Thanks for letting me do some vicarious thrifting.
Glenda/MidSouth said…
You did the fun type of shopping. :) I have not bought one gift yet. Finished up some necklaces that will be given, but that is all.
This is my kind of shopping. And I can't believe you found that fab pocket watch for only $5!
Arabella said…
Happy Holidays - I'm dropping by from Nifty Thrifty Tuesday's blog hop & became a follower.

You sure found some wonderful items!

Please come by & say "Hi!" sometime: http://SallyLeeByTheSea.com
Connie said…
Wow - great finds! Especially the ledger!
pineapple_ing said…
Can't wait to see what you'll do with the thread cones. I can imagine lacey trees? At least that's what I've done with some of those styro-foam ones, lol! I'll look forward to seeing what you create with yours.

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