Post number 501

Yes, folks, this is post number 501, and my 2nd Blogaversary is still 2 days away!  Remember, until 11:59 pm on December 10, you can comment for an entry in my Blogaversary Giveaway!  Click here for more details!   I'm still hoping to get 200 followers to be able to giveaway a second gift -- pretty close now!

My Silver Bells Swap bell from Robin, hanging now in my kitchen

You know that wonderful all-in-one website about blogs and bloggers, Blog Guidebook, where they list you in categories?  (I'm listed under "vintage and white" and "etsy".)  Well, right now they have the a *free* really cute downloadable 2011 calendar here.  Go get it!


Jingle said…
That bell is so neat! What a wonderful swap gift!
Wendy said…
what a great swap! the bell is beautiful.
HI! I'm Tabitha said…
ooh I love what robin made you. 501 post is a LOT. ive only done 53. tee hee
Christine said…
501? I think I've gone way past that. I must talk a lot!!!
Betty said…
Thanks for the link to the Blog Guidebook. I can use all the help I can get.

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