Sugar-dipped trees

This morning I awoke to a frosty world...

On mornings like this, it's foggy, and cold.   And slick.   The trees look as if they'd been dipped in sugar!

I'm much happier about these "sugar-dipped" trees:

If you've never had the pleasure of receiving a package from Karla's Cottage, put it on your list!  She wraps everything so delightfully...
 and has been known to send along something extra, and beautiful!

I always feel spoiled when I order from her shop.

Karla's trees added to my collection
And, after the day I had yesterday, I needed a little spoiling for sure.  To give you the end of the story I posted yesterday, we spent most of the day handling my speeding ticket.  First, driving out to middle-of-nowhere, Colorado, locating the courthouse, then waiting, waiting, waiting.  I was sick to my stomach the entire time, and not unaware that it was also a full moon, Winter Solstice, and the morning after a lunar eclipse!  You see, I get a little crazy-feeling around a full moon.

Finally it was my turn to speak with the Chief Deputy Court Officer.  He told me my 25-mph-over-the-speed-limit ticket carries a hefty fine, 6 points, and 3 months prison sentence.  I had the chance to plead guilty (even though I didn't think I was...) and then the judge would reduce it to a 10-19 mph over the speed limit ticket.  That came with a still-hefty fine, a reduction from 6 to 4 points, and no prison sentence on the table.  Guess what I did?  Yeah.  The latter. 

I paid the ticket and walked away on shaky legs.  Guilty of driving 80 mph on a highway with a posted speed of 75 mph -- except for the short stretch where the speed limit drops and the cops hang out.

We did a little shopping and stopped for an early dinner on the way home.

The Cheesecake Factory has the best food!  And drinks.

And, of course...

Another reminder of the day when I saw this sign in the mall...

which was otherwise very pretty, and had some great stores that we don't have down where I live...

including Anthropologie!   I love looking around there.  I resisted buying this book:

because I'd (ahem) already spent quite a bit of money that day, and also because it wasn't on sale!  But it's on my wish list!

Thanks to everyone for your supportive comments yesterday: I sure needed it!


Christine said…
Sorry you had to pay that fine! However, I bet the chocolate cheesecake helped a lot!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh you are much too cute for prison! Though I hate you had to pay a fine, I agree that it was a better choice.

Love your winter pictures and those sweet sugar dipped trees! I'll have to go check out Karla's Cottage. Thank you.
Pretty Things said…
Mmm, trees and cheesecake!
I'm glad that 'the matter' is resolved for you now. Forget it and enjoy Christmas! The rest of your day looked pretty good anyway.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and your continued support throughout the year. Looking forward to a crafty and creative 2011!
Bunty said…
I'm not surprised that you needed cheesecake after that ordeal - lots of it probably!! I don't blame you for taking the lesser fine - makes sense.

Love your goodies from Karla's - especially the little trees - they seem to be very popular in the US, I have noticed.

Have a very Merry Christmas Laurie and hope 2011 brings health, wealth and happiness to you and your family.

Barbara :)
Sheila Rumney said…
Love your sugar dipped trees from Karla. She is the best! Hope your day is better without fines!
Angela said…
Love the little trees! They go perfectly with your houses!
Sorry about the fines! Love the pic of you pointing at the "BAR" part! I would've needed that afterwards too! :o)

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