Still no snow

Incredibly, as I watch the news reports of monster storms and rare white Christmases around the globe, this California girl is envious.  There's plenty of snow in them thar hills (ski country) but not a flake to be seen around here, and none on the horizon, either.  Hmphf!

Normally, it's plenty deep by now!

Post your swirling white photos on your blog so I can have a look, okay?

And, please visit my second article on Hidden Treasures: Vintage Christmas treasures at thrift stores now

Only two more days until Show us your Best Handmade 2010!


HI! I'm Tabitha said…
hi laurie,
i am also jealous of those with snow. kiddos wanted a white christmas and santa didnt deliver.
hope santa brought plenty of goodies,
Vanessa said…
No snow down here in Florida, either :) I need to visit the North to see that magical white-stuff.
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry for your lack of snow. We were one of those rare White Christmas spots you mentioned here in Tennessee. First White Christmas since 1993 so it was very exciting, especially for the child in me!

Love your 2nd article. It makes me want to go hunt up my own silver tree and delicate glass ornaments.
Anonymous said…
Hi, Laurie - I have not been able to figure out how to link an email button to my blog yet, but it is something I want to add. Anyway, my email is:
Thank you!

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